Have a plan

Virginia Tech had another shooter on campus today.  That scares me.  I think if I went to that university, I would transfer to another.  I feel like I’ve never had to really worry about a gunmen on WT’s campus.  I always feel really safe, but at the same time you never know when something like that could happen.  When I worked at United, I was a cashier.  Sometimes, I would plan out in my head what  I would do, if someone came in with a gun to rob the store.   I feel like we should do that every so often on campus too.  It’s always good to have an emergency plan, even if it’s just something you ran through in your head once. Have a safe place to go in case you find out there is a gunman on campus.  Try to think of who you would need to contact, and what actions you would need to take.  It might be good to have an emergency bag packed, in case you ever need to leave quickly.  Just some things to think about…

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