Life. Surprises. Me.

Life. Surprises. Me.

It’s inevitable… just when I think I’ve got everything and everyone all figured out, life turns around and surprises me.

Life. Surprises. You.

It can be a simple text saying “hey :) ” from the last person you’d expect…

or finding out that you completely misjudged a person.

Maybe it’s even a random act of kindness from a complete stranger…

or that while you may not be aware of it, but there are people out there who do watch and keep up with you. (Like Michelle… :) )

Perhaps you may discover something completely random on Facebook…

or it might even be an unexpected homework assigned for Ag Stats.

It’s possible that you could be having a really bad day and you come across a bible verse that really speaks out to you…

or that your professor decided to let you out of class early.

Potentially it would be the fact that the carhop at Sonic decided to give you the free Rt. 44 survey receipt, which is against the rules…

or it’s possible that your friends have been paying attention to your Lord of the Rings conversations all along and decide to sneak in random allusions.

Life. Surprises. You.

You can’t escape it… or run from it… or pretend it doesn’t happen.

It’s not as if you can choose to put it off… or fast forward it.

Those surprises can be good or bad.

Despite whatever surprises are thrown your way, life is what you make it.

How will you deal with it?

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