Everyday I’m Shuffling

It seems that there is always some event going on in the JBK, aside from the constant hustle and bustle of students stopping by for their caffeine fix, buying food to fill their stomachs, walking to class, or simply trying to escape the recent cold weather. These events tend to include fairs or organizations of some sort selling products/ideas or raising money for various organizations. This past week has found me spending more time in the JBK for events rather than just buying my lunch.

This past Wednesday was the first of two presentations of the freshman Honors Research Symposium. I went to see the posters and hear the research the Honors IDS students have been working on all semester. The results and topics were astounding as well as varying. Each student chose a topic based on their interest or majors and were well armed with knowledge. I even managed to learn a few things about safe and effective ways of giving birth, how artificial sweeteners are actually bad for you, and even the effectiveness of non-lethal weapons in the police force. After all, what better way to spend an afternoon than talking about tasers and the health benefits of good old fashion sugar?

Then, I found myself in the JBK just yesterday at noon not deciding between Mexican or chicken for lunch, but waiting for the surprise I knew was to happen soon. Suddenly, music started to blare over the speakers and three students that had been walking together began to dance. More and more joined them as the flash mob took full swing. While I didn’t join in, I enjoyed watching the show. In fact this flash mob was the final project for the Honors sociology class, and I was excited to watch my classmates and friends take part in such an exciting project. The JBK never fails to disappoint me in new and interesting activates.

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