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Keeping up with Old Friends

Coming home for Christmas brings back alot of great memories.  I live in a very small town, so every little thing is a reminder of  my past.  The windbreak trees along the road as you come into town, I crashed into those while sledding one snow day.  The bank at the only stoplight, I worked a Cheerleading Cookout on one of the windiest, dustiest days I can remember.  The house two blocks down from mine, the place I spent most of my childhood with my best friend.  However, when I went to college, I didn’t keep in touch with any of the friends that I made these memories with.  I regret that.  This day in age, there is NO excuse for losing touch.  With Facebook, email, Skype, cell phones, it’s as easy as pushing a button.  It’s great to make new friends at WT.  I love the people I have met, but I miss my old friends.  I’ve decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to get back in touch.  It’s never too late!

Risks Worth Taking at WT

3 risks worth taking at WT?

  1. Get to know your professor.  Some professors are great, but others are a little on the unpleasant side.  Most of the time you already have an idea of how your professor will be when you sign up for the class because you’ve talked to other students who have taken that class before.  However, it NEVER hurts to get to know your professor face-to-face.  Your friends might make fun of you, but it’s the best thing to do.  Your professor might be rude to you or make you feel stupid when you talk to him, but the fact that you showed interest in his/her opinion will gain you some extra brownie points… or points for your final!
  2. Apply for jobs on campus.  Sometimes, a job opportunity on campus might catch your eye, but you think “I’m not a people person, and that’s what they are looking for,” or “If I get a job, it will cut my study time down.”  Ignore these thoughts.  When I applied to be an RA,  I saw that many girls were applying to work at Shirley.  I saw the type of girls applying for Shirley, and I thought that I could never compete, but I signed up anyway.  I got the job!!!  It turns out, Shirley Hall wanted a well rounded group of RAs, and they didn’t necessarily want the personality I figured they were looking for.  Also, jobs on campus work around your class schedule.  WT realizes that your main duty is school.  You need time to study.  If you get a job on campus, your boss will give you plenty of time to study.
  3. Work the bonfire.  Although we didn’t have a bonfire this year, I think this is important to touch on.  Each year during homecoming, students can volunteer to help build the bonfire.  If you do this so many hours you get “the holy grail” of tshirts.  Only a few students get these shirts every year.  You might think “I just have too much studying to do,” or “It’s so cold; I’ll just stay inside and watch tv.”  If you think these things, you WILL regret it!  You will see that random person wearing the bonfire shirt, and you will be devastated that you didn’t suck it up and help too!

The Last Dr. Pepper

The clock has struck past midnight and I took my last few sips of Dr. Pepper… for the next 3 days.

Let’s digest that statement, why don’t we.

Midnight is significant because I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything till after I get my wisdom teeth yanked out. Who knows when the next time I will be able to eat or drink anything will be…

As for the latter part of that statement, it’s almost too painful to even think about. I feel like [insert vampire character name here] from [insert which tv series they play on] in the aspect that I’m being forced against my will to not consume the only substance my body truly desires: Dr. Pepper.  The longest time I’ve been without drinking any caffeinated drink was a whopping 18 hours… Nearing the 17th hour of my caffeine deprivation, I was in a delirious state… I had the worst headache I had ever had which reduced me to tears and I was rather cranky.

Not to mention,  I feel fat. You don’t even want to know what all foods I’ve shoved down my throat: Tokyo’s, Leal’s, Macaroni and Tomato Sauce, Dr. Pepper, Water, etc. Oops…, I just told you.

Due to the large amount of caffeine I was trying to consume before midnight, I’ve gone to the bathroom more in the last hour than I have all day. :P


Looking Back at Finals Week

These past few days of have certainly been busy ones filled with reading books for class, scanning test reviews, completing art work, picking up portfolios, meeting with study groups, and writing papers. Thankfully, finals are survivable and always lead us college students to a well deserved break. Although the semester is over and I do not expect to start studying again until the next one starts, I must credit the two study spots that got me though finals week. Each of these spaces has its own pros and cons, but they are valuable to a commuter like me who sometimes finds it hard to focus at home.

  1. Honors Space – First off we arrive at the Honors Space, my second home while on campus. This space provides all the comforts of home but with less distraction and more of that school like feel. The couches and chairs are great for commfort (or perhaps a quick nap), the classroom is useful in group studies, and the kitchen provides easy access to that much needed study snack. However, it sometimes gets too crowded with those not studying and one can easily lose their motivation to study when surround by friends.
  2. Library – This is my alternative when I find the Honors Space a little too rowdy to study. The library offers quiet sanctuary and easy access to materials needed for that ten page paper you have due in a week. The large tables are great for the need to spread out your stuff or meet with a group on a project. The library can get busy though, especially around finals, so do not be surprised if you see it crowded or have a little trouble finding an isolated table to sit at.

These are two spots that have always helped me when working on memorizing science terms, writing up 10 page papers for class, or working on my latest blog entry.

The Prairie

A lot of things happen at WT and it’s hard to keep up with all of them, so our school has a newspaper that comes out every week called The Prairie. I think it’s a really good thing. I love reading them because they are filled with a ton of information and even some local information. I’m really big into current events, so having a newspaper on campus is great. There are some weeks where I don’t see a newspaper around, or I don’t have time to go get one (& they’re free) so I don’t see them as often as I would like. There was a time this year that The Prairie just put out one piece of paper that read “Busted Budget Edition”. What was that about? I kind of had my assumptions, like maybe they are trying to cut back or maybe they ran out of money, but then I haven’t seen one after that. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I appreciate the people of The Prairie. So read one while on campus one of these days 🙂

Finals Week

So it’s that time of the semester again. (drumroll…) Finals Week.

I know this is a time that all of us wish we could just skip over, or just speed through it so that it’s over as quickly as possible, but it’s something that we college kids have to think about each semester. Not only because it’s a major part of our class grades (though that is really important) but because at the end of the week we have to have our rooms cleaned up and be packed to head home for the month long Christmas/New Year’s break. It’s a lot to have prepared during this stressful time, so I thought I’d give y’all a look into our lives and how we get through the end of the semester.

My friends spend hours and hours worrying over when they’re going to study and how they’ll get through all their tests without going crazy, but it really doesn’t have to be so bad. So rather than freak out like most people, here’s my strategy for having a stress free finals week.

  1. The weekend before needs to be filled with stress relief. You can work out, rock climb, swim, color, ride, whatever does the trick for you. Personally I got a group of friends together and we went out to concerts and danced 🙂 You just need to relax and have a clear head.
  2. The day before your finals start make sure you have all the times and locations correct and written down. Then plan out the hours when you need to sit down and study for each one so that you are prepared and calm. Use whatever techniques work for you. If you need to get a group together, there will definitely be people in your class who are willing to meet up.
  3. Go about your normal routine. Most people think that for finals week they need to change their eating and sleeping habits to whatever they’ve been told is ‘best’ since elementary school. This will not help. Go about life the way you usually do, just with you’re added study time. It’ll keep you calmer and help you retain the info you’re trying to remember for your exams.
  4. When you aren’t studying, have some fun. Yes finals are important, but they don’t need to consume you for the week. Take breaks to go out and have some free time with friends 🙂 It’ll help keep you as sane as you usually are.

So that’s the school side of the week. As for the whole checking out of the dorm and getting yourself packed and ready to head home, don’t stress about it. It’s an easy process that takes 4 steps.

  1. Know when you’re last final is.
  2. Have you’re travel plans worked out ahead of time.
  3. Put aside a day or some time to clean your room, do laundary, pack, etc.
  4. Sign up for a check out time with an RA.

So that’s my easy guide to finals week, which by the way can work for high school too. I’ve done it 🙂 Hope this has been helpful, informative, or even entertaining. Good luck!

A Very Conner Christmas

Hey y’all! The holidays are in full swing and the time of the year when we college kids have the most fun has begun 🙂 So I thought it’d be cool to share some of our favorite times with you.

The annual dorm Christmas party is the program that I and my fellow Conner Hall residents look forward to most of all. Granted it is a hall council meeting so there are announcements of what’s going on over the campus and such, but afterward we pj it up and have some Christmas fun 🙂 We pick a dj to play some holiday music, bust out the tree (yes we have a Christmas tree) and string lights all over the lobby. We even have a flashing light up santa who we hang on the tree outside our dorm 🙂

Whilst we decorate there’s hot chocolate and cookies to snack on and ornaments to make so that our tree has a little something from each of us on it, and in return our RAs put up a small stocking for each of us residents and even for some of our former Connerites who still spend most of their time hanging out around the dorm 🙂 And after we’ve finished setting everything up, we have a White Elephant gift exchange! Most of the newer additions get gifts that people will like, but the more fun way is to get the most ridiculous present ever and see who ends up with it 😛 A good example is one of my best friends decided to put in the most horrendous used romantic novel she could find in the Hastings book store down the street. It was definitely worth it for the look on the unlucky recipient’s face!

So as you can tell, it’s a great night to come just have fun and enjoy ourselves before the serious task of studying for finals starts.

Hope the holiday season has started off with a colorful bang as it did for us 🙂 and I hope that some of you will come join in the fun next fall semester!