Giving Thanks at WT

Since it was just Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m thankful for.  So many things in my life are gifts from God, and I take them for granted.  But right now, I want to focus on things at WT.

I wasn’t going to come here.  I was accepted to Texas State and was in the process of picking out my dorm, when I decided that I wanted to come here instead.  My boyfriend and I wanted to go to the same college, so I asked him what he thought, and although it wasn’t his first choice, he agreed that it would be good.

I came here not knowing what to expect, and hoping things would workout.  Since then, I have realized this is the best college for me, and I’m sooo glad I came here. I am so thankful for the things that make me feel at home here.

1. The Religious Groups – I am a part of Buffs For Christ and it is so good.  Everyone is so welcoming and it’s a great place to go to feel like you are a part of something great.  Just from what I have seen, I know that the other religious groups are like this too.  The BSM and the Wesley fed the RA’s during RA training and let us give them our prayer requests.  They all made us feel so at home and cared for.

2. Good ‘Ole West Texas Folk –  People in West Texas are just so much nicer than people from other places.  You can ask almost anyone who came here from far away.  They will agree that the people here are so nice.  It’s common courtesy to hold the door open for the person behind you, and to smile at people when you see them.  You just don’t find that at other places.

3. The Size –  My sister went to A&M, and she said her classes had any where from 100-300 people in each class!  100 is about the max here, and it’s handy.  Whenever you talk to a professor outside of the classroom, they automatically recognize you from their class, and know whether or not you are a good student.

4. Price – $6,000 a semester.  Living on campus with a meal plan, that’s about how much I pay.  Name another college that is as great as WT with that price.  Ya, I didn’t think you could.  A&M is wayy more than double that, so is Tech, UT, Texas State, etc.

5. Friends – It’s so easy to make friends here.  There is such a variety of people here.  I love the friends I have made here, and I actually dread when I have to leave them!

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