The Great Ginger Rescue (Oct. 25, 2011)

Hey guys 🙂 hope everyone’s week has begun well. In either case, I’d like to impart some wisdom to y’all so that hopefully your future weekends will run smoother than ours did 😛

So here is our tale:

This past weekend, myself and a few of my friends made plans to go adventuring in Amarillo. The game plan was to meet at Conner Hall at 1:30pm, but come 1:45pm we were short one compadre. Turns out our pal Cody ran out of gas and got stuck on the side of the road. *Facepalm* Being the good friends that we are, those of us who had shown up on time piled in my truck and headed out to find Cody.

Our mission first took us to Walmart in search of a gas can, since apparently they are a rare species among the local college student. Hahaha 😛 After acquiring the gas can and filling it, we then called Cody to confirm our directions and were told that somehow he had ended up in Dumas. (For those of you who aren’t from around here, Dumas is a 1 1/2 to 2 hr drive from Canyon.) There was a group cry of “How did you wind up in Dumas?!”, but we continued on toward Amarillo to take the 287 loop out north around the city. 

By now it’s been almost an hr and a half since we first set out to find Cody, and we’re just passing out of Amarillo and really heading for Dumas. This is when Cody calls to ask where we have disappeared to 😛 We tell him to hang on, and decide to double check our directions. He gave us a different set this time, which then prompted the question, ”Cody, how far are you from your house?”. His answer, “About 5 minutes”.

…he’s in Hereford. *Simultaneous group facepalm**Outbursts of “Cody!”*

I would assume that most people would just turn around and head home at this point, having driven about 2 hours all the way around Amarillo and back to Canyon. We, however, get off on the Hereford exit and within a few minutes of doing so arrive to find our ginger friend. A little sunburned, but otherwise fine. Since our rescue party was 3/4 girls, he got THAT LOOK. (Girls you know what I mean. The face you make when one of your guy friends has done something crazy and you are just beyond words. Now multiply by 3.)

Now that we had found him and told him the extent of our escapade, we hand over the gas can so we can get started on our original plan. Apparently the gas cans at Walmart are the most insanely complicated contraptions known to man, because despite taking only 3 minutes to fill this one took about 20 minutes to empty it into his truck 😛 Never fear we did eventually get going, and thus far we have not had to repeat this anecdote. (Knock on wood!)

The moral, my friends, is to know where you are. If you don’t, buy a map. Study it. Keep it in your car at all times. I promise, our pal Cody will be getting a map for Christmas 🙂

Hope I’ve been helpful, interesting, entertaining, or at least brightened someone’s day 🙂 Comments, questions, suggestions? Please share!

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