Homecoming 2011 (Oct. 13, 2011)

Back again with Tale number 2 🙂

For those of you who are either new to WT, are considering joining us, or among my fellow sophmores at others colleges here at WT we take Homecoming very seriously. Last year we spent the whole week building a collasle bonfire during the day, and at night we would stay out late guarding it, roasting mashmallows near our campfire, and enjoying the fun with music, friends, and shenanigans :). Friday would bring the Pigskin Review, which is a crazy peprally, and the lighting of the finished bonfire. As it burned both students of WT and families who live in the community gathered to hear a concert and mingle with friends. The big game was played on Saturday, which we won, and fireworks were set off in celebration. It was a memorable experience from my first year away at college 🙂

This year was only slightly less amazing due to the lack of a bonfire. Most of you are familiar with the drought that’s hit the Texas Panhandle, and the issueing of a burn ban because of it. Never fear though because we made the best of it 😛 To compensate for the loss of our bonfire,  our week of Homcoming festivities were Mardis Gras themed. We had midnight weenie roasts, the traditional Tractor Pull, midnight pancakes (provided by the caf), and a concert featuring Hello Goodbye! Saturday brought a Mardis Gras parade complete with floats, beads and candy thrown to the crowd, and a fair with stalls selling all sorts of cool stuff 🙂 and of course later there was the usual tailgateing outside the stadium where frats and other campus orginizations gave out free food and had games set up.

I know all of this sounds like a blast, and it was, but none of it compares to the game itself 🙂 now I recommend going with a group of friends and sitting 1) if it’s your first ever game then sit right at the 50 yd line behind the Maroon Platoon 2) if you’ve been to a game before then sit in the first section on your right, to the right of the marching band and behind the Herdsman Hearts. I say this because everyone should experience the Maroon Platoon at least once, but after that first time you’ll want to be able to hear yourself think so the 2nd option is a nice place to sit where you can still see. Plus you’ll be able to see the Herdsman just off the field with Thunder (our amazing Buffalo mascot!!!) and trust me, everytime you hear music on the loud speakers you should direct your attention to the Herdsman because their dancing will make your day 🙂 Anyways, I digress. The game is a fun event, which this year we won 19-7 against Angelo State, that everyone should be part of at least once.

I hope that I’ve improved someone’s day and that this will encourage some of y’all to come join us for next year’s fun 🙂 questions, comments, suggestions…send em my way!

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