Style Robots at WT

I’m all for expressing your style, but when everyone else at WT is wearing the same thing, I get a little burnt out by that trend.  There are certain fads at WT that are overdone.  When a fad like this comes out, EVERYONE at WT seems to be wearing the same thing.  I call them “Style Robots.”  A few extreme fads that I’ve noticed since I came to WT: Sperry’s, Northface, and Colored Workout Shorts.  No offense to anyone who wears these.  I have my own pair of Sperry’s and I almost bought a few pairs of workout shorts, but if you look around, most of the population of WT is wearing one or the other.  The high school I went to had one or two people who wore Sperry’s, so before I came to WT I bought a pair.  The first week, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people wearing the same shoes.  I felt like I was a part of an army with no real personality.  This same feeling stopped me from getting a pair of the colored workout shorts.  These fads come and go, of course.  Last semester, hair feathers and power bands were really big, and before that soffe shorts.  A few things that are on the verge of becoming “robotic”:  TOMS (but they are for a good cause), Vera Bradley, and small cross body purses.  All of these things are cute in moderation, but sometimes I just get a little overwhelmed when I step out of the dorm and see 20 people all wearing the same thing.

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