Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Greenlighting

Greenlighting always takes me by surprise.  It never seems like it’s late enough in the semester to make my new schedule.  Usually I see the signs everywhere that say “The first 1,000 students to get greenlighted through advising services get a free t-shirt,” and I immediately schedule a time to make an appointment because I want a shirt.  I knew that I wouldn’t get a t-shirt this semester because I had to go to an advisor, not advising services, so I wasn’t in any hurry.  Finally the week before greenlighting was supposed to be through, I called and found out who to go to.  I went to this professor and it went well, but I needed to talk to my official advisor and make sure it was okay..  I didn’t know who my advisor was, so I checked on BuffAdvisor and it said Advising Services.  I went to Advising Services, and they said that the professor I went to, didn’t have  a clue what he was talking about and that I needed to go talk to Education (I’m an Education major).  I called Education and they didn’t have an opening until the day after registration opened up, and I had a few classes that were already almost full so I couldn’t wait that long.  I went back to the professor, and talked to him and he told me to call a certain lady at Education and make an appointment (I found out later that he thought she was my advisor).  I called her and she said I had to make an appointment with Education…  I had just gone full circle… I was really frustrated.. Some of the people I had talked to were treating me really rudely and I didn’t see why.  I knew it was my fault for waiting so long, but I felt that things should be more organized than they were.  I went back to the professor and told him what the lady at Education said.  He seemed a little frustrated, but said there was nothing he could do, I had to get approved by my advisor. I was confused, but I finally decided that I would go talk to advising services and see if there was any quicker way to get greenlighted.  I went back to advising services and asked if I could get greenlighted by someone else.  I told them I had already seen this professor multiple times and I still wasn’t greenlighted.  The girl that helped me was very nice.  She explained that I had to get greenlighted by that professor, but that someone had failed to tell me that I was supposed to make him my official adviser.  All I had to do was give him some paperwork and he would be able to greenlight me then and there.  Phew!  I was finally able to get greenlighted after about two weeks of running around all over campus.  I got into the class I needed and it all worked out.  I stressed so much and shed some tears over this greenlighting situation, but it all worked out, and I learned my lesson. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to greenlighting.

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