The Great Migration

It was like waiting in line for the midnight premiere of Twilight or the infamous ”Black Friday”… well sort of.

Starting at 1:00 pm, there were girls “camped out” along the hallway with their pillows and blankets, painting nails, watching Vampire Diaries, Facebook stalking, munching on their Mc Donald’s french fries and sipping on their Sonic drinks while they anxiously awaited for 7:00 pm to arrive.

This summer, the future residents of Centennial Hall had their world turned upside down. When we received our housing information with our roommate, room #, etc… there was one other piece of paper bearing bad news that completely caught us off guard: we would be living 3 people in a room while the builders would try to finish the other side of Centennial Hall. There were definitely some feisty residents ready to go give residential living a piece of their mind.

When everything, as well as everybody, finally calmed down and people began to move into Centennial, the feisty residents realized that it wasn’t so bad. In fact, life was good in Centennial. (<–actually, the official Centennial t-shirt slogan!)

As the semester wore on, anticipation for the day that the rooms on the other side of Centennial Hall would be opened up and ready for people to move in grew more and more till finally… *drum roll please*… it was move in day!

As the clocked ticked and 7:00 pm drew closer, the anticipation began to heighten. There was considerably more drama about which girls called dibs on which room… which in all reality, it was first come, first serve. Yikes, I know.

When 7:00 pm finally came and the doors were flung open, a stampede of crazed college girls ran off in every direction, claiming their rooms, leaving some extremely happy and some extremely disappointed. Then the process of moving all of our stuff from our old rooms to our new rooms began…

Time flew by and when 11:00 pm rolled around, we were all tired, gross, sweaty, and high on life while every muscle in our bodies ached. We were in desperate need of Sonic…

Despite moving for roughly 4 hours, it was definitely worth the move. :)

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