Professors deserve a little respect

In one of my classes, the beginning of the year started just like all the other classes.  Our professor was going over his rules.  I noticed that he didn’t have any unfair rules or any rules that would be annoying to the typical student.  He did however stress that no one was to talk while he was teaching.  Understandable.  I want to be a teacher someday, and I just see that as his students respecting him and listening to his lecture.  Many weeks later,  we are in class and two girls in the back are talking while he is talking.  Of course, he gets angry.  He doesn’t completely embarrass them the way some professors do.  But he does raise his voice and tell them to pay attention.  Then he starts telling the whole class that pretty soon we will be studying for our final and will need to know what he is saying.  He isn’t yelling or being rude.  But you can tell he is a little aggravated and that he just really wants us to pay attention so we will make good grades on the final.  About 30 minutes later, I hear one of the girls that was talking say that she did not appreciate the way he treated her.  She was angry that he called her out and made her the laughing-stock of the class.  She did not like to be embarrassed and if he had a problem, he could have pulled her to the side and told her something.  WHAT?! How can you be so self-centered to turn this situation back around on the professor?  You were talking during his lesson.  The one thing he requested you not do.  He got angry, he told you to quit and then made it obvious that he really wanted you to pay attention so that you would make a good grade in his class!  Maybe you were embarrassed that he got angry with you, but I bet he was embarrassed that you didn’t respect him enough to pay attention.  It all comes down to respect.  WTAMU has some really great professors, and if you treat them with respect, they will respect you back.  Plain and simple.  I challenge you this week to give your professors the respect they deserve.  They put so much work and time into giving you the education you deserve.  If they happen to make you angry,  handle the situation in a mature way.

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