Third Phone’s a Charm

It all started when I was trying to drag myself out of bed Tuesday morning to get ready for class. I had turned off the first 4 alarms and I decided to silent the next 2 and leave the last 1 on so that I wouldn’t sleep in and miss my “favorite” class… video production. Yippee. If you can’t do the math… I had set a whopping total of 7 alarms.

Somehow my phone slid off my bed, into the crevace between the matress and wall, and fell 6 feet to the cold, hard floor.

As I scrambled down my loft bed ladder… I had no idea that my phone lay on the cold, hard floor with “shaken phone syndrom”.

[Shaken Phone Syndrom (n): a fatal incident that happens to phones due to being dropped or shaken that leaves the inside contents potentially scrambled.]

While I didn’t disect my phone to validate that the insides of my phone were scrambled… I just had this dreadful inclination that my phone was “no longer”.

I tried reviving my phone through mobile CPR tactics, all of which didn’t work.

Mobile CPR Tactics

1. Turn off the phone by removal of the battery or by simply powering off. Wait a few minutes before powering back on.

2. Give the phone a break, not using it for an extended period of time,  allowing the phone to simply “breath and relax”.

After persistently trying to revive my phone and utterly failing… I had to figure out someway to tell my mom that my phone was “no longer”. Luckily enough, I was able to use my friend’s phone in my first class. Once I told my mom, she went straight to work… trying to resolve my phone situation.

So… I didn’t have a phone for the next 32 hours. I somehow managed to use Facebook as well as borrowing my other friends’ phones. Life continued to go on.

All the next day, I was anxiously waiting by my laptop, as often as I could, to recieve the email that told me that my package had been delievered by 4:30 pm to Residential Living.

I’m pretty sure that I called Residential Living at least 3 or 4 times asking various questions such as… “When does the UPS delivery man stop by?” or “Could you please call me whenever you recieve my package?” or ”Have you recieved a package for Abigail Grace Miller” or “What time do y’all close?” or “Can I possibly have my friend pickup my package for me since I’ll be at work till 5?”. Yeah… I’m quite certain that I had severely annoyed them.

As soon as I got out of work, I hustled over to Centennial to find Miss Jayce Jane who had so kindly offered to go to Residential Living to pick up my replacement phone. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that she had a little brown box sitting in her passenger seat, waiting for me. So I tore through the box, trying to quickly and efficently assemble my phone.

I had my route 44 Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice in one hand and my new replacement phone in the other. Life couldn’t get any better.

Untill… somehow my brand new replacement phone that was only 2 days old flew out of my purse, landing on the hard asphalt of the parking lot. I quickly recognized the feeling of dread that trickled from my head all the way to my toes and back up to my hands as they reached for my phone that lay there on the ground.

I was right. My phone had a fatal case of Shaken Phone Syndrom. You may ask how fatal it was… it was completely fatal (Pink Panther 2 allusion right there).

So I did the “my-phone-just-died-and-it’s-the-second-one-that-I’ve-killed-this-week” march to my room and called my mom to report to to her harrowing news.

Long story short… I called and ordered for another replacement to be shipped to me. Little did I know that I had to actually request that I didn’t want a signature required for package delivery. So while I was running my little heart out in the 5k in Amarillo, the UPS man was getting lost, trying to find my brother’s apartment to deliver the package only to discover that no one was home to sign. After I came back from the 5K, I called the UPS man only to find out that my replacement phone to my replacement phone had been taken back to the service center…. in Amarillo. I grabbed my roommate and hightailed it over to the service center to pick up my phone.

Once we picked up my phone and got back to our room… I felt as if life had been put back in order: I had a phone.

Now that I had had a phone (my third this week)… I was bound and determined that I was going to preserve it… like an endangered species. Technically, my phone could very well be considered an endangered species due to the following qualifications:

There are five factors that can be used to qualify an animal as endangered. If an [thing] meets any one of the following conditions it can be considered endangered:

– The present or threatened destruction, modification, or curtailment of its habitat or range.

– The over-utilization for commercial, recreational, scientific or educational purposes.

(I’m just like any normal college student/teenager… I use and abuse my phone.)
– Disease or predation.

(I don’t intentionally inflict “disease” on my phone or “prey” on my phone but it just being in my presence causes an automatic predation.)
– Inadequate existing regulatory mechanisms to protect it.

(There aren’t any regulatory mechanisms that could ever protect my phone… it just doesn’t stand a chance.)
– There are natural or man-made factors affecting its survival.

(I definitely think that I am a “natural or man-made factor” that is definitely affecting my poor, unfortunate phone’s survival.

However, like with scientists would do with any endangered species, I’m going to preserve the life of my phone. I’m hoping third phone’s a charm. :)


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