Exhibition Line

Today, I ate at the exhibition line in the caf.  I was served alfredo pasta.  Yummm.  I love the exhibition line.  Last year my favorites were the Monte Cristo, Pasta, and Stir Fry.  And I loved the fact that the menu was the same every week.  This year, the menu is always different.  One thing that I don’t like this year is the fact that some days they serve Ice Cream Sundaes, which are tasty, but then all the other lines are super crowded because nobody can get lunch in the exhibition line.  Also, we have 2 other sources of ice cream in the caf.  I think that is plenty.  Don’t get me wrong, the exhibition line is still good sometimes.  I love when they serve Caesar Salad.  The chicken they serve is so delicious.  Also, the nachos are great.  They are something that most people love, and you really can’t mess them up.  I do hope they continue to serve pasta, and I hope they will serve Stir Fry sometime in the near future!

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