A Typical Monday: Never a Dull Moment.

Today has been… chaotic, helter-skelter. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was born and raised on a farm but we have never had animals of any sort and I especially have never ever seen a chicken run around after it had been decapitated… but it sounds utterly gruesome. However, I can only imagine what’s it like, which is complete and total chaos.

While my day has not been filled with blood and decapitation, I do feel like today has been completely and totally chaos. For instance, my schedule is as follows:

7:27 am: I woke up late… and then rushed around in a frantic fashion to put on my makeup, straighten my hair, throw on some clothes that seemed presentable and somewhat… “matchy”.

8:10 am: I discard my empty Banana Creme Pie yogurt and plop down into the comfy rolly chairs at work where I performed various tasks such as answer phone calls, schedule appointments, cancel appointments, scan papers, check people in, check people out, etc…

9:41 am: I head over to the FAC, where I anxiously awaited my death… a.k.a. my lighting exam for Video Production. However, I totally pwned that test.

10:37 am: I pick up Jayce Jane, who slept incredibly late (till 10:30 am to be exact) at Centennial Hall and we speed off the AG Ed Building for class.

11:57 am: I leave Communicating Ag to the Public, feeling all warm and fuzzy for two reasons. Reason numero uno: I had just spend a little over an hour discussing farmers and all things farming. I walked out to my pickup with my green John Deere blood pumping through my veins. Reason numero dos: that’s for me to know and you not to find out. ;)

12:02 pm: Jayce Jane and I maneuver our way through lunch hour traffic, making stops at sonic and Mc Donald’s getting a Routh 44 Sonic Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice, a junior burger with mustard only, and a medium order of french fries.

12:30 pm: I plop right down into the comfy rolly chair at work and begin working away while I try to finish my Ad Principles homework that was due before 2:30 pm… as well as answering phone calls, checking people in and out, scanning papers only to shred them, etc…

2:03 pm: I flee work and the 3 people who were waiting to check in, make appointments, check out. Complete chaos. I awkwardly run to Jayce Jane’s car, barrel in and we speed off to Amarillo for Ad Principles class.

2:37 pm: Jayce Jane, Lacey, Alex and I finally pull into the American Quarter Horse Association parking lot, barreling out and rushing in the doors.

4:03 pm: After what seems like the longest tour of my life, we finally rush out the doors of the AQHA building and barrel back into Jayce Jane’s car, speeding back to Canyon.

4:21 pm: We whip into a sonic stall, order our happy hour delight (I shouldn’t have to tell you what I got…).

4:32 pm: I rush into the AC, swipe my card, walk briskly by the weight room where I see lots of dilligent individuals working out, and walk up to the door of Student Medical Services, attempting to brace myself for what awaits me on the other side of the door…

NOW (6:09 pm): I’m merely sitting in my comfy rolly chair at work, eating Hershey Kisses and drinking my Route 44 Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice while I do the usual tasks. 

Being totally honest, I’m a little apprehensive about the rest of the day. You may be asking yourself why but if you think about it… it makes perfect sense. I woke up around 7 today and have been on a concrete schedule every since… making it a solid 12 hours of back-back-back “stuff”. I’ve practically had my whole day planned up till now and the though of me actually having to decide how I spend the rest of the day…. *gulp*


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