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Sonic Day Rehab: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my Sonic Rehab.

Usually, the way rehab works is that a person is admitted to a facility and placed under a doctor’s care to help them quit their addictions (usually drugs, alcohol, etc..)

However, I really don’t think that in my circumstances that I need to be admitted and placed under a doctor’s care to help me quit my slight Sonic addiction. I do think that I just need a little self-control. No big deal or anything.

So, as I begin the first day of my own version of rehab, I’m feeling confident and ready to conquer the quest that has been set before me… much like Frodo and The Fellowship as the venture to Mordor to destroy the ring.

Yesterday had the potential to be a great day. I had two classes in the morning, all of which went perfectly fine. When it came to lunch, I heated up some tasty homemade ham and potato soup that my mom made me and when 12:36 pm rolled around, I just couldn’t make myself go to Ag Stats. So I decided to remain in bed and watch Vampire Diaries with Miros. Don’t be worried, it was going to be easy day and he doesn’t take attendance… so Vampire Diaries trumped Ag Stats.

To my dismay, Miros actually had to go class at 2:30 pm so I had to refrain from watching Vampire Diaries and decided that I would take a nap… a rare occurrence for me. So, after an hour-long nap passed by, I woke up and the headache that had been slowly creeping up on me all day was definitely making its presence known. I took some extra strength Tylenol and went back to bed for another hour-long nap. I woke up, my head pounding even more. I am a farm girl, country strong and I can handle most of the things thrown my way. However, when I say that my head was pounding, it was if somebody was taking a hammer and banging it on my head.

As the day wore on… I noticed that my mood was definitely not one of my best. It was as if my mood was strangely somber and mellow. Scary, I know. On the way home from church, I decided that I couldn’t take it any longer… I HAD TO GO TO SONIC! But first, Apple Pastry Bites from Wal-Mart. I have to admit that I got a few more things than just Apple Pastry Bites. I got Carmel filled Hershey kisses and a block of mild cheddar cheese. While I was walking to the self check out, I felt myself being drawn to the quaint book section. One of the most comforting feelings in the world is being surrounded by a bunch of books that I’ve yet to read and as I ventured in, I couldn’t deny myself the comfort of buying a book. Drop me off at Barnes and Noble and I could spend hours just reading the summaries on the backs and inside flaps of the books and maybe if nobody was looking, I would ever so sneakily smell the gentle aroma that lingers on the pages.

However, it was Wal-Mart and not Barnes and Noble. So, I was faced with making a choice between two book: “The Hunger Games” and “The Clockwork Angel”. I chose the latter of the two.

As I am clutching my Apple Pastry Bites, Carmel filled Hershey Kisses, block of mild cheddar cheese, and “The Clockwork Angel” and walking to the self check out, my eyes began to well up due to the unbearable pain. I hurriedly checked out my items and I dashed off to Sonic where I ordered me a large Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice.

When the Sonic carhop began to approach with my large Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice, my heart began to beat a little faster. As I took my drink from the carhop, I took the wrapper off the straw and punched it into my drink and took a long, delightful sip…

I would say that there were fireworks exploding into the sky above me and many other different components that were perfectly orchestrated together to create a magical moment while I took my first sip of my first Sonic drink in the last 24 hours but there’s a burn ban… ultimately banning the fireworks. So there goes my magical, miraculous moment marking one of the longest periods of time that I’ve gone without a sip of caffiene.

Whether it was phsycilogical or it actually happen but my head instantly started to fill the instant relief.

When I made it back to my dorm finally around 10 pm, I took some more extra strength Tylenol and chugged my Dr. Pepper as well as I went a took a jog around campus. I’m not sure if it was one of those things specifically or just the magical combination but my headache definitely went away and I was able to go on with my life.

Things that I learned from my first and only day of Sonic Rehab:

-I am slightly dependent on caffiene, especially from Sonic

-I am pretty sure the people around me want me to be sipping on caffiene to prevent my “caffiene-deprived mood”

-While I have a slight addiction to Sonic drinks, I do have self control and I can limit my caffiene intake level.

-…. I need my Sonic.

SI Sessions

I have the hardest time in Physics.  I don’t like it, but I have to take it for my major.  I barely scraped through Physics I, and now I’m in Physics II.  I’ve just been having a hard time understanding, and I actually bought a cramster account the other day so I could see how to work out all the problems.  I was desperate.  But then our lab instructor told us she could start SI sessions.  It’s like tutoring, but in a group and it’s soooo helpful.  She literally took the section we learned in class and went through ever even question that was at the end of the chapter and showed us how to work them.  She answered all of our questions and I think I stand a chance!!! Yay for SI!

Maroon Out!

I’m really excited about today.  It’s the Maroon Out game!  My sister went to A&M, and Maroon Out is a big thing there.  I think it would be great if the Maroon Out game could be as big here.  I went to the Volleyball game and was in the first 200 students there so I got a free Maroon Out shirt!  I’m also really glad they made the Eastern game the Maroon Out game.  I went to high school with a few of the people involved there, and it’s fun that there is such a rivalry between our schools.  I’m glad I’ll get to see them tonight, but I want them to be intimidated by all the Maroon in the stands!

Exhibition Line

Today, I ate at the exhibition line in the caf.  I was served alfredo pasta.  Yummm.  I love the exhibition line.  Last year my favorites were the Monte Cristo, Pasta, and Stir Fry.  And I loved the fact that the menu was the same every week.  This year, the menu is always different.  One thing that I don’t like this year is the fact that some days they serve Ice Cream Sundaes, which are tasty, but then all the other lines are super crowded because nobody can get lunch in the exhibition line.  Also, we have 2 other sources of ice cream in the caf.  I think that is plenty.  Don’t get me wrong, the exhibition line is still good sometimes.  I love when they serve Caesar Salad.  The chicken they serve is so delicious.  Also, the nachos are great.  They are something that most people love, and you really can’t mess them up.  I do hope they continue to serve pasta, and I hope they will serve Stir Fry sometime in the near future!

Water the New Sonic?

*WARNING: This blog is not for the faint of heart.*

If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight… “condition”. By condition, I mean, a Sonic addiction.

Before I decided to official diagnos my self, I wanted to make sure I knew what an addiction was. So, I went to the trusty website and searched the term “addiction”. Here were my findings:

Addiction (n): the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Now lets break that down.

-Am I enslaved to the habit or practice of going to Sonic multiple times a day? Is that considered habit-forming?

     YES, If you consider at least two trips a day, 7 days a week considered “habit-forming”.

-Are my frequent Sonic adventures considered to be a psychological “need” rather than a physical need?


-Do I experience severe trauma when I do not have Sonic?

    Umm…. maybe. Ugh, fine. I’ll be honest and say that yes, I do sometimes experience somewhat “severe trauma” when I have Sonic withdrawals.


While although I’m not a psychologist or a doctor, I think it’s safe to say that I do have a slight Sonic addiction.

Recently, I have felt this need to somewhat… “curve” my addiction. No, I do not want to completely 100% cure my addiction. I still would like to enjoy my Rt. 44 Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice at least once a day. :)

So, what I’ve decided to do is to…. *WARNING: THE FAINT OF HEART SHOULD STOP READING NOW!*

… limit my Sonic intake and *drum roll please!*…. drink water.

For those who don’t understand the warnings, than you either don’t know me very well or don’t read very many of my blogs.

For those who are close to fainting, despite the warnings, than you either know me very well and/or you are an avid blog reader.

Since I know that most, if not all, of you are skeptical and doubting my ability to refrain from numerous daily Sonic trips, I’ve decided to write about trying to “curve” my addiction. By writing about my addiction and making the readers (y’all) aware of it… I’ll have somebody and something (my blog) to be held accountable to.

Could it be that water might become my new Sonic?

So as I bid y’all adieu, wish me luck!

-Abigail Grace Miller



So I thought I would be blogging a long time ago, but I’m just now figuring this out!  It’s been so busy already this year that I haven’t had much time to try and figure this thing out.  What with Class, Work-A-Thon, dorm life, Homecoming, and everything else imaginable… I hardly have time to sleep!  It has been a great year so far though.  Classes seem to be going well.  I just had my first round of tests, so we will see sometime this week how well they really are going.  Work-A-Thon was great.  And homecoming is going well so far!  Dorm life of course is amazing!  Some people don’t like it, but I LOVE it.  There is always something to do, and now that I’m an RA, there is even more to do.  I hope your semester is going as well as mine!!!

A Typical Monday: Never a Dull Moment.

Today has been… chaotic, helter-skelter. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was born and raised on a farm but we have never had animals of any sort and I especially have never ever seen a chicken run around after it had been decapitated… but it sounds utterly gruesome. However, I can only imagine what’s it like, which is complete and total chaos.

While my day has not been filled with blood and decapitation, I do feel like today has been completely and totally chaos. For instance, my schedule is as follows:

7:27 am: I woke up late… and then rushed around in a frantic fashion to put on my makeup, straighten my hair, throw on some clothes that seemed presentable and somewhat… “matchy”.

8:10 am: I discard my empty Banana Creme Pie yogurt and plop down into the comfy rolly chairs at work where I performed various tasks such as answer phone calls, schedule appointments, cancel appointments, scan papers, check people in, check people out, etc…

9:41 am: I head over to the FAC, where I anxiously awaited my death… a.k.a. my lighting exam for Video Production. However, I totally pwned that test.

10:37 am: I pick up Jayce Jane, who slept incredibly late (till 10:30 am to be exact) at Centennial Hall and we speed off the AG Ed Building for class.

11:57 am: I leave Communicating Ag to the Public, feeling all warm and fuzzy for two reasons. Reason numero uno: I had just spend a little over an hour discussing farmers and all things farming. I walked out to my pickup with my green John Deere blood pumping through my veins. Reason numero dos: that’s for me to know and you not to find out. ;)

12:02 pm: Jayce Jane and I maneuver our way through lunch hour traffic, making stops at sonic and Mc Donald’s getting a Routh 44 Sonic Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice, a junior burger with mustard only, and a medium order of french fries.

12:30 pm: I plop right down into the comfy rolly chair at work and begin working away while I try to finish my Ad Principles homework that was due before 2:30 pm… as well as answering phone calls, checking people in and out, scanning papers only to shred them, etc…

2:03 pm: I flee work and the 3 people who were waiting to check in, make appointments, check out. Complete chaos. I awkwardly run to Jayce Jane’s car, barrel in and we speed off to Amarillo for Ad Principles class.

2:37 pm: Jayce Jane, Lacey, Alex and I finally pull into the American Quarter Horse Association parking lot, barreling out and rushing in the doors.

4:03 pm: After what seems like the longest tour of my life, we finally rush out the doors of the AQHA building and barrel back into Jayce Jane’s car, speeding back to Canyon.

4:21 pm: We whip into a sonic stall, order our happy hour delight (I shouldn’t have to tell you what I got…).

4:32 pm: I rush into the AC, swipe my card, walk briskly by the weight room where I see lots of dilligent individuals working out, and walk up to the door of Student Medical Services, attempting to brace myself for what awaits me on the other side of the door…

NOW (6:09 pm): I’m merely sitting in my comfy rolly chair at work, eating Hershey Kisses and drinking my Route 44 Dr. Pepper with extra, extra, extra ice while I do the usual tasks. 

Being totally honest, I’m a little apprehensive about the rest of the day. You may be asking yourself why but if you think about it… it makes perfect sense. I woke up around 7 today and have been on a concrete schedule every since… making it a solid 12 hours of back-back-back “stuff”. I’ve practically had my whole day planned up till now and the though of me actually having to decide how I spend the rest of the day…. *gulp*