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Reasons to Have a Job During College

College life is NOT cheap.

Just having to pay for college is a lot. Then there are other things that are just apart of college life that cost money too….

There are several reasons why college students need a job.

One big reason is because we’ve grown up… or we’re supposed to have. Our parents aren’t, and shouldn’t, pay for everything.

Other reasons are:

1. Gasoline. We college students have to drive to school as well as around Canyon. Don’t forget the shopping sprees to the mall in Amarillo and the roadtrips back home… All of these excursions take gasoline. And gasoline takes money.

2. Food. I chose not to have a meal plan this year since I was not required to and I have quickly realized that I need food and without having a meal plan to use at the caf, I have to find food elsewhere. There is always sonic, Mc Donald’s Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc… all of which take actual money.

3. Clothes. Girls will understand me when I say that you need not just a few, but several cute WT shirts to show off your school spirit. Plus, you can’t forget the cute matching sweats! Not to mention, there are certain events that you just have to go buy a new outfit for such as… hot dates with the really cute boy/girl that you have a crush on, sorority/fraternity mixers, cute workout clothes to wear when you’re working out at the AC, or just going to class because there is a cute boy/girl that you have in the same class. It takes money to look cute/handsome… it’s not cheap!

4. Wal-Mart “things”. I’ve decided Wal-Mart is a black hole, sucking in all of your money. It seems that everytime I go to Wal-Mart to get one or two things like  milk and toothpaste, I end up leaving with milk and toothpase along with a book, gum, Apple Pastry Bites (my current favorite snack that I’m highly addicted to), candy, nail polish, etc… The list literally goes on and on and on and on and on.

5. Personal Hygiene. Just because your mom isn’t around to demand that you take a bath to wash off your gross sweatiness doesn’t mean you should skip the whole personal hygiene aspect at college. We college students still need to take showers and wash our hair, wash our hands, clean our clothes, periodically wash our bed sheets, brush our teeth, wear deodorant, put on body wash/smelly-good stuff, etc… While it may take money to stay clean, trust me… it’s worth it!

Middle Names

I have an obsession/fascination with… *drum roll please*… middle names. It’s the kind of obsession/fascination that a little girl has with the doll she’s always wanted.. but has never gotten.

That’s right. If you have made the connection, you’ve realized that I was born without a middle name. While it’s not like being born without a kidney or a leg, I still consider it to be a big deficit.

All throughout school, all my report cards have said.. “Miller, Abigail =”. Honestly, why would there be an equal sign there? That has got to be the dumbest thing. The lack of a middle name doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged… it deserves to be left out and ignored.

So, all of my childhood, I have “pretend” middle names, such as Paige and Nichole. Yeah… Paige and Nichole were obviously not big hits.

So, as I was making my high school graduation announcements, I was putting “Abigail Nichole Miller” on EVERYTHING….

– Graduation Announcements

-Yearbook Index… I was the only one who had their middle name listed and then again, it wasn’t even “legit”.

-My high school diploma…. That definitely didn’t work out. The secretary caught me.

-My WTAMU college application.

When I received the first half of my graduation announcements, I saw a Tiny Prints advertisement in the bottom of the box underneath all of the my cards. It was a soft pink baby announcement with the name “Abigail Grace” written in capital letters underneath a picture of a baby. Right then, I was this light bulb turn on in my head… (some might call this an epiphany).

My middle name was meant to be “Grace”.

I think it was fate that I received that specific Tiny Prints announcement and it was also fate that it was pink… my favorite color, minus black.


So, the day before my 18th birthday, I got the forms necessary for a birth certificate amendment and sent them in the mail.

I was obviously still a minor and so I was not considered an “adult” yet. Therefore to my dismay, the forms were sent back due to the wrong signature that I had done.. which should have been my moms.

One corrected lousy wrong signature and I sent the forms back in the mail.

Weeks and weeks later… like September later, my brand spankin new birth certificate came in the mail with my brand spankin new middle name in print:

“Abigail Grace Miller”

While I was waiting for my new birth certificate, I was driving around for 2ish months with an expired drivers license. I was finally able to go renew my drivers liscense with my brand spankin new middle name.

When I finally recieved my drivers license in the mail, I finally felt like a brand new woman.

Since then, I sign everything with “Abigail Grace Miller” or “Abigail Grace”.

My favorite thing to do is to introduce myself as Abigail Grace. :)


11 Things to do in Canyon, Texas.

People will complain that there is just absolutely nothing to do in Canyon.

However… they’re just absolutely wrong.

So, I decided to compile a list of fun and exciting things that college students can do in Canyon. :)

1. Rent a movie. I’m pretty certain that there is a tv in every single room, if not a laptop (which could play a dvd). You can use your legs and just walk a few blocks to Hastings or United, where you can use and abuse the handy-dandy Red Box for only a $1 a night. :)

2. Midnight Mc Donald runs. Who would have ever thought people would be up and about, at Midnight, getting Mc Donald’s? If you’ve ever been at the drive thru line, you’d validate this. There are always more than 7 cars waiting in line for some tasty, hot french fries.

3. Sonic Happy Hour. As you very well know (or should know by now), I am a self-proclaimed sonic addict. If you are not aware of what SHH is, all drinks and slushes are half-priced. Large drinks come out to $0.93… f.y.i. :)

4. Free Movie Night. Varsity Theater (located across and down the street from the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum) has a free movie night every other Sunday night. Just make sure you go on the right night though. :)

5. Golfing. I’m not an avid golfer. Actually, I have never been golfing. However, I think I might have heard about people going golfing… although I do not know where and when to go. Coming to think of it… don’t quote me on this.

6. Mani/Pedi. There are just those special occasions when a girl needs to go get her toes and nails done. For instance… a breakup, sorority event, hot date, a much needed spa day, or they are just having some awful looking toenails.

7. Shopping Spree. While there is not a large mall in Canyon, there are several cute boutiques that you can find the cutest and one-of-a-kind things.

8. Wal-Mart. Believe it or not, in 8th grade, going to Wal-Mart was the thing to do. And personally… now that I’m a Sophomore/Junior in college, I personally still find making trips to Wal-Mart rather exciting. You never know who you will see or what you will find.:)

9. Physical Exercise at the Activity Center. The AC has lots of choices when it comes working out. For instance, rock wall climbing (if you RWC, you’ll most likely see my roommate there. :) ), treadmills, ellipticals, weights, running on the indoor track, playing basketball, playing racquetball, swimming.

10. Reading/ Studying at the Library. For those who do not read nor study, move on to #11. For those who do like to read and study… The Library can be your new favorite place. There, you can take your laptop, plug in your headphones, listen to Pandora radio while you’re studying for a class or working on project.

11. Volunteer. I know that not many college students have the desire to go volunteer. However, you may have an afternoon with a lot of free time with absolutely nothing else to you… so go volunteer and make somebody’s day. :)