Last Night Home

It is 2:00 am.

I leave to go to back to college in less than 7 hours.

In the 7 hours, I still have to:

-finish packing (shocker, I know…)

-take a bath & get ready (not that it’ll do much good since I’ll get all gross and sweaty from moving in!)

-finish laundry (my sheets are currently being washed… can’t go off to college without clean sheets.)

-get some sleep (yeah right…)

So, you might be wondering what I have done all day that might explain why I’m still up with less than 7 hours till I depart. Besides the fact that I feel completely exhausted and worn out (which may explain the grammar errors…. sorry!), I also feel like Momma and I have accomplished some major feats today. Those feats being:

-Get a start on packing

-Frantically drive all over Lubbock, going to every single store imaginable doing returns and getting those last minute things that I obviously can’t go to college without.

-I finally picked out my birthday present: a James Avery charm bracelet and the first charm is…. (drum roll please)….. a book. If you know me at all, you’re not shocked. And no, my birthday wasn’t a month and 3 days ago… okay, yes it was but if you know my family, you understand why it’s a little late. ;)

Speaking of books, my favorite things I packed were my trunk of books. Not an easy decision to make… trying to decide between what books I am going to take along with me to college. Due to the closing of the beloved Hastings store in Plainview, I practically stacked up on books. Which means…. I have lots of books that I need to read. :)However, I did feel slightly saddened by the wrenching thought of having to leave a few books behind…. okay well, most of them. :P

As far as packing everything else… I have everything done. Well, except for the clothes I’m currently washing and drying at the moment. While packing up my belongings, I realized a few things:

-I packed too much last year for college. Let me rephrase that… I PACKED A LOT OF JUNK. I admit, “junk” is a little harsh to describe my stuff with but when it comes to having a small dorm that you share with another girl… anything but the necessities are considered junk. I wont even begin to go into all of the pointless things I crammed into my dorm room last year.

-It seems that I have more shoes than I realized. Usually we girls assume that while we are looking a pretty generous closet filled with clothes and shoes, that we have nothing to wear. However, we’re wrong. (No, this doesn’t happen often that we admit our mistakes. So don’t get used to it.)

However, there was just one thing that I realized that really stood out… like being hit in the shins with a metal baseball bat (Sarah Jo….;) ) I suppose they have a word for those types of things- epiphanies. So, my major epiphany was that I’M GOING BACK TO COLLEGE IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!

Okay, well, I guess there were 2 big epiphanies. The last one being that this my last night at home. Just recently, I’ve fallen… (not in love) but in a routine. Got you there. ;) My routine consists taking a nice shower, heading down to “my sanctuary” (my room), grabbing the book I’m currently reading, and reading for hours and hours until my eyes begin to slowly close… the book slowly fall from my hands, onto the floor… and then I’m fast asleep. And somewhere in the background, I have my “Angus and Julia Stone” Pandora station playing softly acting as a lullaby.

Something about my routine, doing the different things in an exact order, is the perfect way to end my day. So, you can see why I’m starting to panic about my end-of-the-day-routine I’ve just recently fallen into is about to be upset and shaken.

However…. a new chapter in my life is starting and I’m anxiously awaiting to turn the page. :)

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