Pink Rain Boots, Rain Drops & Negro Spirituals…

I have lots of favorite things.

For instance…

  • my blankie (You just have to know me…)
  • my iPad (I’m becoming severely addicted to the suduko application and keeping track of my blog ideas.)
  • “My Throne” (My “bed” that I declared as my own. I don’t share.)
  • my Driod (The unfortunate phone that deserves a purple heart.)
  • Sonic Dr.Peppers with extra, extra, extra ice (I don’t have to even explain.)
  • Smiley faces and hearts (Just stalk my Facebook Statuses and my texts…)
  • Lists (Obviously refer to this blog.)
And last but not least…

I absolutely love my pink rain boots. I wear them everywhere. Literally… I wear them to go tan, to work/hoe in, to the grocery store, to eat out, to fetch the mail, to class, etc… I’m pretty sure these boots have some magical powers that they posses to keep them super snazzy. To me, they are better than 2-in-1 shampoo. They are like an infinity-in-one pair of shoes… they’re work boots, house shoes, go-to-town shoes, etc. And guess what… they were only $30 at Tractor Supply. What a steal!

I’ve been wearing my pink rain boots everyday this summer for multiple reasons:

  1. They’re rather comfortable.
  2. I tend to get lots of compliments on their snazziness.
  3. They are quite the conversation starters. (It hasn’t rained since last fall. There’s no secret as to why they start conversations…)
  4. I’ve secretly been hoping that if I wear my pink rain boots everyday, then maybe it’ll help with the whole lack of rain situation.
So, today, while I was out there, hoeing in the cotton field, wearing my pink rain bootsand singing negro spirituals… it started to sprinkle/rain! Yes, I know that we plant, God waters, and God apparently gives the increase but part of me wants to think that my pink rain boots help out just a little bit. :)

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