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How to Handle When Your Phone Goes Off When it Shouldn’t…

First of all, I realize that the title is rather long… 11 whole words to be exact. However, I had a hard time trying to find the exact title that best fit what I wanted my blog to be about.

What do you do when you’re in a situation when your phone should be on silent/turned off (for instance: church, class, a lecture, an assembly, a wedding, a funeral, work, an important meeting, a movie, etc..) and guess what, it’s actually on loud? Maybe even the loudest that your ringer will possibly go?

There are actually various ways to go about handling this type of “Delicate Situation”.

For starters, there are a few things you should take into account before you make any rational actions/decisions:

-Your Ringtone. If your ringtone is a simple “Droid….” like mine, I highly doubt that will cause any tension. However, if your ringtone is screaming a few curse words, your grandma might end up starting World War III. Be careful what ringtone you have set as your ringer.

-Your Ringer Volume. I hardly ever have my ringtone volume up. For very good reason, in case it goes off in one of the delicate situations explained above. I choose to have the very lowest volume possible before my ringer is completely silent. The vibrate selection is also handy… unless your ringer vibration sounds like jackhammer or chainsaw. You might cause a LOL (little old lady) to have a heart attack or a little kid to wet their pants because they think the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is after them. Both awful situations.

-Your Purpose to Even Take Your Phone Into “Delicate Situations”. If you begin to think about it, why do you need your phone in church? You should be paying attention to the service.

*Why do you need your phone in class? You obviously are being distracted and will not retain the material you’re obviously not paying attention to. Hello “F” and Goodbye college.

*Why do you need your phone in a wedding? There are much more interesting things such as watching the little flower girl(s) and the ring bearer up on stage as well as making sure your stop watch is ready to time the kiss. If we’re really honest, we’re also criticizing either the bridesmaids dresses, makeup or hair choice, flowers, or the whole decision of the two people even getting married period.

*Why do you need your phone in a funeral? Generally, people are overcome with grief, sobbing heavily (unless you have complete lack of emotion like me) into hankies. There is no need to be texting your buddies, informing them that you’re sobbing.

*Why do you need your phone in a movie? You’re obviously going to be missing what’s going on in the movie. Plus… some big, scary movie theatre employee will sneak up behind you, place a firm grip on your shoulder, and demand that you stop distract others that are trying to enjoy the movie and to stop texting. —————————————————————————————————————————-—

Now, that those the “starters” are covered… How do you exactly handle when your phone goes off when it shouldn’t?

Here are some diversionary tactics that I have found useful for myself personally.

Before I divulge my diversionary tactics (DT), I must warn you that following DTs you read from this blog may not be safe enough to try at home.

Warnings presented,

Abigail Grace’s Diversionary Tactics

1. Cough loud enough to cause enough “chaos” to distract the attention from your phone, if not completely covering up the whole entire incident completely.

2. Pretend that the event of your phone going off never even happened. Keep doing what you were doing before you rudely interrupted the other people in attendance at the “delicate situation”. Don’t flinch, look down, sweat. Okay, you may start to sweat… that would be expected. However, act as if never even happen and you may even have the other people in attendance even questioning if your phone really went off, ultimately their sanity.

3. Blame someone else. However, now that I think of it…. the last one is probably not the best suggestion. Completely ignore #3.

I do hope that my diversionary tactics, if you end up needing them, prove to be useful. If you never ever end up having to use my DTs, then more power to you. May the force be with you.

Pink Rain Boots, Rain Drops & Negro Spirituals…

I have lots of favorite things.

For instance…

  • my blankie (You just have to know me…)
  • my iPad (I’m becoming severely addicted to the suduko application and keeping track of my blog ideas.)
  • “My Throne” (My “bed” that I declared as my own. I don’t share.)
  • my Driod (The unfortunate phone that deserves a purple heart.)
  • Sonic Dr.Peppers with extra, extra, extra ice (I don’t have to even explain.)
  • Smiley faces and hearts (Just stalk my Facebook Statuses and my texts…)
  • Lists (Obviously refer to this blog.)
And last but not least…

I absolutely love my pink rain boots. I wear them everywhere. Literally… I wear them to go tan, to work/hoe in, to the grocery store, to eat out, to fetch the mail, to class, etc… I’m pretty sure these boots have some magical powers that they posses to keep them super snazzy. To me, they are better than 2-in-1 shampoo. They are like an infinity-in-one pair of shoes… they’re work boots, house shoes, go-to-town shoes, etc. And guess what… they were only $30 at Tractor Supply. What a steal!

I’ve been wearing my pink rain boots everyday this summer for multiple reasons:

  1. They’re rather comfortable.
  2. I tend to get lots of compliments on their snazziness.
  3. They are quite the conversation starters. (It hasn’t rained since last fall. There’s no secret as to why they start conversations…)
  4. I’ve secretly been hoping that if I wear my pink rain boots everyday, then maybe it’ll help with the whole lack of rain situation.
So, today, while I was out there, hoeing in the cotton field, wearing my pink rain bootsand singing negro spirituals… it started to sprinkle/rain! Yes, I know that we plant, God waters, and God apparently gives the increase but part of me wants to think that my pink rain boots help out just a little bit. :)