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So, I know this is extremely late and that the next episode of Pretty Little Liars is tonight but… I promised that I would blog about what I thought of the summer season premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

For starters, I was hoping and wishing that it was a 2 hour long premiere but my hopes were shot down. However, it was still pretty epic.

My thoughts on the season premiere are…

1. CALEB IS BACK! Wow! So, I’m slight shocked. But then again, I honestly expected it to happen. I’m also shocked that Hanna didn’t take him back but then again, he kinda of partially but not entirely deserves it.

2. The cop that is taking them to the police station has to talk to them to keep a secret about the videos. Hello!! If the community authoritative figures are telling you to keep secrets and make up lies… then what kind of message are you sending??

3. So, is Ian really dead? Dead people obviously can’t send texts and since he’s texting Melissa, he obviously can’t be dead. Or can he be?

4. Now, the girls are being forced to see a shrink? I feel like now isn’t the time to start to see a shrink. Honestly, this should have happened like right after Ali’s death.

5. Everybody in town thinks that the girls are making up stories about Ian and Ali’s murderer. Of course now it’s just more drama added to the story and rumors are being spread.

6. “A” has reached even a higher level of being a creeper/stalker. They took Ezra Fitz’s diploma and placed it in the the shrink’s office. Talk about psycho…

7. Apparently Mona and Noel are dating now. Where did that even come from?

8. Ezra Fitz wasn’t wearing a shirt… Wow. Way to through in a half-clothed guy in there.

9. Where in he world is Ian?

10. How did “A” even get a tour of Emily’s house? Somehow, the creeper also managed to delete her whole entire hard drive on her laptop. It’s called using a password! I wonder what was on the laptop….

What did you think about it? :)

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