Today on the Farm…

Today (this blog was really supposed to posted on Wednesday but I was rather too tired…) on the farm was like an other day on the farm. There was no rain… the wind was blowing… the sun was scorching. Shocker there, I know.

However, today was a little bit more “exciting” (at least for me anyways) for additional reasons:

1. I was “allowed the opportunity” (sounds so much nicer than saying that I was being forced) to chop cotton. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “chop cotton”, it means hoeing. Hoeing in itself isn’t all that raunchy but I tend to get tired, dirty, frustrated, thirsty, hungry… maybe it deserves to be called raunchy… However, I did find some nice little worms.

2. Since I was going to chop cotton, I decided to really apply a coat of sunscreen on my arms, neck, and ears so that I wouldn’t have a nice farmers sunburn. After I get done applying, I decided to put my contacts. However, I failed to wash my the sunscreen off my hands before doing so and I got sunscreen in my eyes. I had no choice but to wear my glasses to work in.

3. While I was hoeing, I decided that I would stop by the drip station to take a nice little break and get some water from the spout. Apparently, due to the fact my cap was blocking parts of my vision, I couldn’t see that I was about to run into the top of the drip shed. PONG! I hit my head… I was hoping that I would have a nice “war wound” but to my dismay, there was not one to be found.

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