Final Tips for the End of the Semester

Dead day has come and gone. Some are still reaping the consequences of a late night and partying while others while be reaping the benefits of studying. Finals have already started to upset the world of college students today and will be doing so until late next week. Here are some tips to avoid complete and utter devastation as Finals begin to happen:

1. Get enough sleep. You’re only given enough time to take you test. Naps are a waste of that time.

2. Eat breakfast. Hunger tends to take focus away from the test you’re taking. Not to mention evil girl down the row giving you the stank eye because your belly is making loud, rumbling growls.

3. Turn off your phone. It stinks if your phone starts roaring the beach boys or the veggie tales and your test gets taken up and you get a big fat zero.

4. Take earplugs. Your neighbor might decide to stick 7 pieces of bubble trouble in their mouth and begin to smack their gum, which sends you to into a nervous frenzy. Ultimately, it could effect your test taking.

5. Get to your testing classroom early. If you have superstitions about sitting in the 4th row in the 2nd chair on the left side of the classroom and you get there late and your favorite seat is taken.

6. Take extra pencils/pens. If would be awful if your pencil broke or your pencil ran out of lead.

7. Don’t forget a scan tron. This is if your professor instructs you to bring one. Usually your professor will have extras but you’ll be in hot water if neither of you brought one.

Have any other helpful tips or rituals for finals?

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