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Silly Boys, Tractors Are For Girls

Growing up, some people just know what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives… their dream job. However, for those of us who think we know but we end up changing our minds a bajillion times, it’s not that simple. When I was 6 years old, I just knew I was going to be a surgeon and drive a hot pink hummer with lime green flowers. As I got older, I figured I would try out being a teacher. Then, I changed my mind again and decided that I would be a nurse. However, as I got into my first year of college, I realized I was not nurse material. So, I finally settled on Agricultural Communications and Media. For those of you that have no idea what that even is, it’s basically a mass communications major with agriculture tied in there somewhere. With my AG COMM degree, I plan on writing books as well as be an agricultural journalist.

There are just those jobs or career fields, that are gender dominant… or so people think. For instance, people think that nursing is generally for women. WRONG. There are male nurses. Or that plumbing is generally for men. WRONG. There has got to be one female plumber… somewhere. Or that secretary/receptionist jobs are generally for men. WRONG. There male secretaries/receptionists. In my case, most people just assume that agricultural based jobs are for men. WRONG. There are females with agricultural based jobs.

Recently, in the last few years, I’ve developed a love for farming and for the world of agriculture. My heart quickens whenever I see green and yellow or a John Deere tractor. My heart melts whenever I see a tractor driving down the street in town. My fascination and love has me wanting to be a farmer when I grow up. However, it’s not as if you see many, if any, female farmers. Leave it to me to choose a dream job that is in a male dominant career field…

However, I want those who dare to be different and choose to have a dream job that goes against the status quo to stick with their dream. Just because there aren’t very many male nurses, female plumbers, male secretaries, or female farmers doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.

So, all I’m trying to say is…. GO WITH GUSTO! JUMP ON IT (your dream job)! :)

Year of the Fish

Before I came to college, I thought I knew everything.

I was wrong…

After my first year at West Texas A&M, there are several things that I learned that I didn’t know before.

For instance…

— I didn’t know how to study. In high school, I could always wing it. For the most part, anyways… In college, you actually have to study for tests, quizzes, etc.

— I didn’t know how lucky I was that my washer and dryer was just in the other room instead of 3 flights of stairs down or 2 flights of stairs up.

— I didn’t know how fun it could be to have my friends living in the same building. Back home, all of my friends lived at least 10 miles away from me.

–I didn’t know how good home cooked food tasted till I ate caf food. I took it for granted that mom always cooked good, edible food.

— I didn’t know how to make new friends. Growing up, I made friends in kindergarten and I stuck with those friends till the day I left for college. I actually had to make new friends.

— I didn’t know how diverse people could be. Growing up in a small town, there wasn’t much diversity. At college, there are fellow students that don’t call America home.

— I didn’t know (or I forgot) how to share a room with another person, who I didn’t really know. It has been years since I’ve shared a room with my little sister.

— I didn’t know that it wasn’t exactly polite to blow dry your hair while your roommate is asleep. It finally occurred to me that my roommate didn’t have class for 2 more hours and she didn’t want to wake up to sound of a blow dryer.

— I didn’t know how expensive food was. Living at home, my parents paid for my food. Now that I’m at college…. the money that pays for the food I eat comes from my ever diminishing wallet.

— I didn’t know how much calories and carbohydrates could impact my body. In high school, athletics was a big help in keeping toned. Once college started, no athletics. You figure out the ugly equation.

— I didn’t know how important it was to find a job. I’m lucky enough to have found this blogging job. Other people weren’t so lucky.

— I didn’t know how much money I could possibly spend at sonic during happy hour.

What are some things that you learned at college that you didn’t know before?

Final Tips for the End of the Semester

Dead day has come and gone. Some are still reaping the consequences of a late night and partying while others while be reaping the benefits of studying. Finals have already started to upset the world of college students today and will be doing so until late next week. Here are some tips to avoid complete and utter devastation as Finals begin to happen:

1. Get enough sleep. You’re only given enough time to take you test. Naps are a waste of that time.

2. Eat breakfast. Hunger tends to take focus away from the test you’re taking. Not to mention evil girl down the row giving you the stank eye because your belly is making loud, rumbling growls.

3. Turn off your phone. It stinks if your phone starts roaring the beach boys or the veggie tales and your test gets taken up and you get a big fat zero.

4. Take earplugs. Your neighbor might decide to stick 7 pieces of bubble trouble in their mouth and begin to smack their gum, which sends you to into a nervous frenzy. Ultimately, it could effect your test taking.

5. Get to your testing classroom early. If you have superstitions about sitting in the 4th row in the 2nd chair on the left side of the classroom and you get there late and your favorite seat is taken.

6. Take extra pencils/pens. If would be awful if your pencil broke or your pencil ran out of lead.

7. Don’t forget a scan tron. This is if your professor instructs you to bring one. Usually your professor will have extras but you’ll be in hot water if neither of you brought one.

Have any other helpful tips or rituals for finals?