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Packing Amnesia

Packing Amnesia. It’s the awful feeling festering in the pit of your stomach as well as the back of your mind: You’ve forgotten to pack something!! EVERY weekend when I’m leaving home to come back to college, I go through my mental checklist in my mind of what I need to pack. However, the problem with mental checklists is that the list is in your mind and not necessarily on paper to which you can refer back to ensure that you have got everything packed. EVERY time as I’m pulling out of the drive way of my house, I begin to get that un-welcomed feeling of packing amnesia but I don’t always know what I’m forgetting (or else I would have packed it in the first place). This reminds me of Neville Longbottom’s Remembrall on Harry Potter. For those who are not big Hog Warts fans, a remembrall is a hand-sized ball that glows red when it’s holder has forgotten something. When the holder remembers what they have forgotten, only then will the ball become clear. However, it doesn’t tell you what you’ve forgotten exactly. Things I’ve forgotten to pack: phone charger food clothes shoes fingernail polish contacts and contact solution brush books I’ve definitely got to say that forgetting my phone charger was one of the worse things to forget, since my phone is practically attached to me. Any ideas on how to prevent Packing Amnesia??