Another Spring Break Please?

Hey there everybody… again! Sorry its been a while, but from midterms to spring break I have not had too much spare time to talk to everyone. I sure hope everyone had a fun and safe spring break, I know I did. But coming back from the ocean and sea breeze, to Canyon Texas was a shocking reminder… half the semester is gone, which means next year I will be a sophomore! Although these next few weeks are sure gonna be tough, but as any college student will most likely… well will HOPEFULLY tell you is that all you need to do is stay focused and stay on top of all your classes without getting behind. Although on campus we are about to go under the “21 Days of Change” which will be very interesting since the rep from TOMs shoes is coming to WT and we are going to have a no shoe day. Although spring break is a time of rest from school, you get pretty much get no rest, like me. My buddy and I drove a total of 2,174 Miles in the entirety of our break. Was it fun? Yes. Tiring? Very much so. WE went to Port Aransas with some other friends and had a blast. ONe of the people that came with us was a local so we had a free place to stay and free food pretty much. Since we are all college kids free stuff is a gimme. The entire trip was such a great experience and we met so many great new people, it will be an experience im glad happened! On a final note, everyone keep up the good work and I will talk to y’all later.

You Stay Classy WT.

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