My Own Personal Tornado Disaster

My room is a mess. Like a huge tornado ripped through my room and completely annihilated everything. I feel quite bad for my roommate.

Growing up, my room was always a mess. Hence, why I spent little to no time in my room and was always on my fat man chair and ottoman in the living room parked in front of the tv, which I call my Throne. It seemed as my room got worse and worse, with clothes piling up higher and higher, books scattered all over my floor, and creepy crawling creatures taking over my little space, the less I spent in my room. I feel like I don’t need a psychological diagnosis as to why that is. The real reason as to why I didn’t want to be in my room was because I didn’t want to spend time in my own personal tornado disaster.

However, I’m not fortunate enough to have a living room in my dorm room. So instead of running to my Throne, I’m forced to deal with my own personal tornado disaster. I’ve decided to come up with some tips to help prevent you having your own personal tornado disaster. No, it’s not as if I’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize for my amazing room cleaning techniques but I thought it might be helpful to you if you are like me and are not fond of having a messy room.

1. Organization is key. If you are organized, then you won’t have to just throw all your belongings together, creating mass confusion when you’re running super late and trying to get ready but can’t find anything.

2. Hoarding is for old ladies with cats (which I’m pretty certain that you’re not). Don’t keep unnecessary junk that you don’t need nor use. What’s the point of having it if you don’t need it or use it? It’s just taking up precious space in our not so spacious dorm rooms.

3. Put something up right after you get done using it. This technique will greatly help you out. You end up spending more time using something, setting it down, coming back later, picking it up and putting it up rather than just doing it all in one motion.

4. Allot time to clean. Your own personal tornado disaster will only get worse and worse until you finally write down “CLEAN MY ROOM” in your planner and actually clean your room.

Happy room cleaning. 🙂

P.S. Dedicated to my momma. 🙂

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