Weekends at WT

It’s Thursday, which means that for most students at West Texas A&M University, the weekend has officially arrived! Being the weekend, it also means that most students are just plum worn out from grueling tests, staying up late either finishing homework or hanging out with their friends, working at their jobs, etc… You get the picture. So, now that there are three whole days of not having class, it’s definitely time to take full advantage of the weekend.

What does a typical college student at WT do? I asked around and these are some of the answers I got:

-Practice, if you play sports for WT

-Hanging out with friends

-Going home to see family and childhood friends

-Working at a job


When I asked what college students do on the weekends, I was definitely not surprised to get the answers I did get. I also was surprised at the answers I didn’t get like studying. I guess college students are somewhat predictable. 🙂


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