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Crazy Caf Concoctions

Okay… So, it’s the middle of spring semester and the caf is starting to get old. Actually… the caf has already gotten old. I can only eat so much cheese bread before I go bonkers. However, what I realized is that there are different (and sometimes much healthier) options than cheese bread and hamburgers every day for lunch and desert and snacks:

–Dr. Pepper Float (Dr. Pepper + Ice Cream)

–Ranch & Broccoli with Ranch Dressing

–Fruit (Mandarin Oranges, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Peaches, etc…)

–Ice Cream covered in sprinkles, candy, and either chocolate, vanilla, or carmel syrup.

–Bagels smothered in jelly

–Cereal (They actually had Cinnamon Toast Crunch yesterday! 🙂 )

–Salads covered in Ranch Dressing and topped with fresh vegtables

–Toasted sandwiches with deli meat


–Pasta on Mondays

and other random things such as: Pickles, Cheese, etc…

If you know of any other random, out-of-ordinary edible concoctions, please let me know!! 🙂


Another Spring Break Please?

Hey there everybody… again! Sorry its been a while, but from midterms to spring break I have not had too much spare time to talk to everyone. I sure hope everyone had a fun and safe spring break, I know I did. But coming back from the ocean and sea breeze, to Canyon Texas was a shocking reminder… half the semester is gone, which means next year I will be a sophomore! Although these next few weeks are sure gonna be tough, but as any college student will most likely… well will HOPEFULLY tell you is that all you need to do is stay focused and stay on top of all your classes without getting behind. Although on campus we are about to go under the “21 Days of Change” which will be very interesting since the rep from TOMs shoes is coming to WT and we are going to have a no shoe day. Although spring break is a time of rest from school, you get pretty much get no rest, like me. My buddy and I drove a total of 2,174 Miles in the entirety of our break. Was it fun? Yes. Tiring? Very much so. WE went to Port Aransas with some other friends and had a blast. ONe of the people that came with us was a local so we had a free place to stay and free food pretty much. Since we are all college kids free stuff is a gimme. The entire trip was such a great experience and we met so many great new people, it will be an experience im glad happened! On a final note, everyone keep up the good work and I will talk to y’all later.

You Stay Classy WT.

A Summer Kind of Feeling

To me, today was the first day of spring break. As soon as class was out last Thursday, I hurriedly crammed my clothes into my suitcase, seams about to burst at any second, and headed home. From there, we rushed to Georgetown (which is near Austin) to watch my little sister play high school team tennis. She may not have been the best player out there but she sure was the cutest in my own, not biased opinion. ;) After she finished up on Saturday afternoon, we came home and had a nice night’s sleep in our own beds. Sunday was filled with church, prom dress alterations, bridal showers, church, Christian fellowship and most important of all: must needed sleep.

Today, Monday, was absolutely one of the best days that I’ve had in a while. No, I didn’t go shopping, eat yummy Main Street Pizza, or drive a tractor. It was amazing in the aspect that I didn’t brush my hair or put on makeup at all today. I feel like I did a lot of productive things: taking food to Plainview for a funeral, cleaned up the kitchen and the dining room, laid out and tanned, went on a slow jog with Samsom, watched home videos with my family and eating a tasty, delicious meal that consisted of Macaroni and Cheese. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that summer was already here.

However, part of me knows that there is a rather daunting landscape design project lurking around the corner and I’m faced with the reality that this summer kind of feeling is temporary and short-lived. So, I created a countdown for May 13, 2011, which is the last day of finals at WT. Then, I got to thinking, my countdown should be May 14 instead because that is the first, real, official day of summer. As of now, I’ve got 60 days left, 23 hours, 58 minutes left. WOW!

I’ve decided to just take one day at a time and enjoy the nice break away for school work. :)


My Own Personal Tornado Disaster

My room is a mess. Like a huge tornado ripped through my room and completely annihilated everything. I feel quite bad for my roommate.

Growing up, my room was always a mess. Hence, why I spent little to no time in my room and was always on my fat man chair and ottoman in the living room parked in front of the tv, which I call my Throne. It seemed as my room got worse and worse, with clothes piling up higher and higher, books scattered all over my floor, and creepy crawling creatures taking over my little space, the less I spent in my room. I feel like I don’t need a psychological diagnosis as to why that is. The real reason as to why I didn’t want to be in my room was because I didn’t want to spend time in my own personal tornado disaster.

However, I’m not fortunate enough to have a living room in my dorm room. So instead of running to my Throne, I’m forced to deal with my own personal tornado disaster. I’ve decided to come up with some tips to help prevent you having your own personal tornado disaster. No, it’s not as if I’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize for my amazing room cleaning techniques but I thought it might be helpful to you if you are like me and are not fond of having a messy room.

1. Organization is key. If you are organized, then you won’t have to just throw all your belongings together, creating mass confusion when you’re running super late and trying to get ready but can’t find anything.

2. Hoarding is for old ladies with cats (which I’m pretty certain that you’re not). Don’t keep unnecessary junk that you don’t need nor use. What’s the point of having it if you don’t need it or use it? It’s just taking up precious space in our not so spacious dorm rooms.

3. Put something up right after you get done using it. This technique will greatly help you out. You end up spending more time using something, setting it down, coming back later, picking it up and putting it up rather than just doing it all in one motion.

4. Allot time to clean. Your own personal tornado disaster will only get worse and worse until you finally write down “CLEAN MY ROOM” in your planner and actually clean your room.

Happy room cleaning. 🙂

P.S. Dedicated to my momma. 🙂

Weekends at WT

It’s Thursday, which means that for most students at West Texas A&M University, the weekend has officially arrived! Being the weekend, it also means that most students are just plum worn out from grueling tests, staying up late either finishing homework or hanging out with their friends, working at their jobs, etc… You get the picture. So, now that there are three whole days of not having class, it’s definitely time to take full advantage of the weekend.

What does a typical college student at WT do? I asked around and these are some of the answers I got:

-Practice, if you play sports for WT

-Hanging out with friends

-Going home to see family and childhood friends

-Working at a job


When I asked what college students do on the weekends, I was definitely not surprised to get the answers I did get. I also was surprised at the answers I didn’t get like studying. I guess college students are somewhat predictable. 🙂