Finally a break from the Arctic chill

Hey everybody, just checking to see how every one’s February is going. Cause mine is going phenomenally, first of all I got the privilege to start my month with my birthday (which was awesome). A bunch of friends and myself went to Amarillo to eat at my favorite restaurant called Kabuki. It’s pretty much those Japanese places where they cook in front of you AND they serve sushi, it was too expensive for us college kids, but it was a good break from the cafeteria and Taco Bell. Then I was given the privilege to go out to Washington D.C. and volunteer at a conference where I meet politicians such as Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Allen West. It was really cool hearing Donald Trump Speak there too, for being a businessman he can bring on a really powerful speech. The thing I will miss the most is all my fellow volunteers who were also college students, we all became close friends and I hope so see ALL of them next year. Although coming back from DC meant myself having of catch-up work to do, it was followed by Valentines Day. I would have to say that this Valentines Day was by far the best ones I have had yet, I took my really good friend Addie out to dinner and a movie, but to my surprise the whole night is that she had never had a valentine before which really made want to make it a good one for her. But that’s all for now folks and i’ll talk to you later!

All the my fellow volunteers from the conference, I'm gonna miss them!!



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