My Love Hate Relationship with Graduate School

I think getting a post-bac degree is pretty bad ass. Putting myself aside, anyone I know that says to me “I am in grad school” is a BA and should be thrown a party. It is not a joke people. This is for real. You can’t go to class every other week and still manage a B. You can’t neglect your reading and sweep by during class by not saying anything. No No. Graduate school is the shit. Not only are there only 6-10 people per class (which means not talking is not an option, and “no one will notice me if I don’t come” doesn’t work either) there is also hundreds of pages of reading. Per Week. Per Class. It. Is. Hard. It is not for someone who doesn’t love school, who doesn’t want to get a real job, and who doesn’t really care about their grades.

I was told during my GRE prep class (the GRE is the SAT but for graduate school. IT IS HARD) that I have moved into a smaller percentage of the world by taking the GRE and an even SMALLER percentage by actually going to graduate school. It is true. This makes me feel pretty baller too.

Now, I could bitch about graduate school all day. Instead, I am going to let you all know why I am still here, and why I decided to bring this upon myself.

I love school. I really do. I like the feeling of walking into a class and knowing that for the next 2-3 hours I am going to have a high leveled intelligent conversation about something that is important and something that matters, not just to me, but to others. Graduate school is this idea on crack. These kids know their shit. Not only do the kids, but the professors. The professors at WT are incredibly smart people. They love what they do and it shows during class.

Go to grad school. It is good for the soul/mind/spirit. It may be the hardest two years of your life thus far, but as someone in the middle of it, I promise you that you will do the work, stay up late to finish the 25 page paper and read thousands of pages just to talk about what you have read amongst your peers. And when you are done, and you slip your tassel from the left of your cap to your right, it will all be worth it.


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