9 Reasons Why I Went Home The First Weekend of College

I’ve only been at college for 3 days and I’m already back on the farm… My friend from high school that is currently attending Texas Tech texted me and asked me why I was home the first weekend back at college.Here’s the conversation…

Hallie: “Why are you home?”

Me: “For numerous reasons.”

Those reasons are:

1. I have tons of laundry. Even though I went back to school Tuesday, I’ve seemed to have already used up all of my clothes.

2. I am having a severe craving for Macaroni & Tomato Sauce. Too bad I don’t have a stove.. or a pan… or macaroni elbows… or tomato sauce… or canola oil… or a large stirring spoon… or my favorite spoon that I always use to eat Macaroni & Tomato Sauce with… or my favorite blue polish pottery bowl. You can see why it’s much easier to just home and have Mom help me.

3. My wallet is getting empty. Living away from Mom and Daddy at college isn’t cheap. Trips to Sonic really tend to add up. Therefore, the need to work and earn money is very important to my social life.

4. I didn’t order my books for class until last Sunday, and they are finally beginning to come in the mail.

5. Last semester, I came home EVERY WEEKEND… well, all but two anyway. Why change things up?

6. “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock came in the mail from Netflix and I am dying to watch it.

7. I left ALL of my movies at home and Sage and I have yet to get a TV cable to get regular cable so I wouldn’t be able to watch TV until next weekend.

8. Almost all of my other friends are going home and I didn’t want to be at college all alone.

The real reason why I’m coming home is… My little sister is attending Mr. and Miss LHS and she wanted me to help her with her makeup and getting dressed! 🙂

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