Winter? Only once a week in the Panhandle

I got back to Texas 9 days ago. Within those nine days it has been anywhere between 72 and 18 degrees outside. Today, my first day back to school, the high is supposed to be 38. In WA, January is gray, rainy and between 30 and 45 degrees. Texas, you need to work on wintertime. I don’t need snow, but I would like to NOT be able to walk outside in a t-shirt and shorts and feel warm.

I do appreciate all the sun. In Seattle November-March the sky is gray, and it is ALWAYS raining. But not always the same. If you have ever watched the weather for Seattle you would notice the many different rain verbs. Drizzle, spitting rain, light mist, down pour, plain rain etc. Hey, you work with what you have.

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