17 things you need to know!

When you move into the dorms, there are things you need, no… there are things that you HAVE to know.

1. They are serious when they say don’t bring too much. You room will shrink.

2. Having a cute room is definitely important but you don’t need 5 decorative pillows. 2 or 3 will suffice.

3. Vacuum AT LEAST once a week. If you’re a girl, your hair will shed and as the semester goes, you will find large wads of hair all over your room. Gross.

4. Don’t bring every t-shirt you own. You will only wear like 17 of them, not all 59.

5. Wash your sheets often. Hello, it’s called gross germs.

6. It wouldn’t hurt to dust over your belongings. Dust bunnies will quickly take over.

7. Hang up your “fancy clothes”. You can easily avoid ironing.

8. Chairs are made for sitting in, not for holding clothes.

9. Take your keys everywhere you go. You never know when your roommate will lock the door. It also helps to avoid having to walk up numerous flights of stairs back to your room to retrieve them.


11. Don’t wait till you’re wearing your last pair of jeans and your last shirt before you decide to wash clothes. Chances are, there’s a reason why they are the last shirt and last pair of jeans left.

12. Try to look like you’ve not rolled out of bed and ran to class. You never know when a cute girl or guy is in class. 🙂

13. Decorate your room. You don’t want to feel like your in an asylum or prison with white walls.

14. Don’t forget your phone charger at home. It will utterly kill your social life.

15. Eat in the caf. You might as well as use the 43 billion meals that you have already paid for.

16. Check your mail. You never know when there is a letter waiting for you.

17. Make new friends. 🙂

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