Friendship Christmas

Jessica Prisk, Lindsey Beth Beedy, Blanca Suarez, Makenzie Schwertner, Kaylie Nutt, Abigail Grace Miller, Evan Johnson & Hallie Bertrand

Growing up, my friends and I have had a “Friendship Christmas” party every year to celebrate Christmas together and exchange gifts as well as a white elephant ornament exchange. Since we all have graduated and gone off to college, we have not been able to hang out all together. So, to find one night when we almost all of us could get together and hang out was a miracle and a blessing. 🙂

For the 11th annual Friendship Christmas, “the gang” met at Tokyo’s, which is a Japanese Steak House restaurant where the cooks cook in front of you on huge stove tops, followed by a nice cup of coffee at Broadway Brew, which is a cozy coffee shop in downtown Plainview, Texas.

Having a get together with friends from high school was not only fun and long over due, but was it was great to hang out with the friends that I grew up with. 🙂

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