2011, a year of, what?

This is what I am calling my “in-between year”. I don’t graduate this year or get married (both happening in 2012), I won’t be moving to a new state, or starting a new job/school. So what? I will be working on graduating, planning a wedding, wondering why I chose to go to grad school and plan a wedding at the same time, I will be moving to Canyon during the summer, I will be finding a job over the summer.

I did just turn 24 however (Jan 3) which means this is my last year before I am what I would consider an adult. 25 for me is the cutoff. At 25 you are 1/4 of a decade, or the even more shocking one.. Halfway to 50. YIKES. I will be graduating at 25 and getting married. Two HUGE things. Gah. That freaks me out a little. So, 2011, you will be my enjoyment year. Be glad you aren’t actually done with school, you don’t have a real-person job, you aren’t getting married and you still can drink till 2 and sleep till noon.

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