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My Love Hate Relationship with Graduate School

I think getting a post-bac degree is pretty bad ass. Putting myself aside, anyone I know that says to me “I am in grad school” is a BA and should be thrown a party. It is not a joke people. This is for real. You can’t go to class every other week and still manage a B. You can’t neglect your reading and sweep by during class by not saying anything. No No. Graduate school is the shit. Not only are there only 6-10 people per class (which means not talking is not an option, and “no one will notice me if I don’t come” doesn’t work either) there is also hundreds of pages of reading. Per Week. Per Class. It. Is. Hard. It is not for someone who doesn’t love school, who doesn’t want to get a real job, and who doesn’t really care about their grades.

I was told during my GRE prep class (the GRE is the SAT but for graduate school. IT IS HARD) that I have moved into a smaller percentage of the world by taking the GRE and an even SMALLER percentage by actually going to graduate school. It is true. This makes me feel pretty baller too.

Now, I could bitch about graduate school all day. Instead, I am going to let you all know why I am still here, and why I decided to bring this upon myself.

I love school. I really do. I like the feeling of walking into a class and knowing that for the next 2-3 hours I am going to have a high leveled intelligent conversation about something that is important and something that matters, not just to me, but to others. Graduate school is this idea on crack. These kids know their shit. Not only do the kids, but the professors. The professors at WT are incredibly smart people. They love what they do and it shows during class.

Go to grad school. It is good for the soul/mind/spirit. It may be the hardest two years of your life thus far, but as someone in the middle of it, I promise you that you will do the work, stay up late to finish the 25 page paper and read thousands of pages just to talk about what you have read amongst your peers. And when you are done, and you slip your tassel from the left of your cap to your right, it will all be worth it.


9 Reasons Why I Went Home The First Weekend of College

I’ve only been at college for 3 days and I’m already back on the farm… My friend from high school that is currently attending Texas Tech texted me and asked me why I was home the first weekend back at college.Here’s the conversation…

Hallie: “Why are you home?”

Me: “For numerous reasons.”

Those reasons are:

1. I have tons of laundry. Even though I went back to school Tuesday, I’ve seemed to have already used up all of my clothes.

2. I am having a severe craving for Macaroni & Tomato Sauce. Too bad I don’t have a stove.. or a pan… or macaroni elbows… or tomato sauce… or canola oil… or a large stirring spoon… or my favorite spoon that I always use to eat Macaroni & Tomato Sauce with… or my favorite blue polish pottery bowl. You can see why it’s much easier to just home and have Mom help me.

3. My wallet is getting empty. Living away from Mom and Daddy at college isn’t cheap. Trips to Sonic really tend to add up. Therefore, the need to work and earn money is very important to my social life.

4. I didn’t order my books for class until last Sunday, and they are finally beginning to come in the mail.

5. Last semester, I came home EVERY WEEKEND… well, all but two anyway. Why change things up?

6. “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock came in the mail from Netflix and I am dying to watch it.

7. I left ALL of my movies at home and Sage and I have yet to get a TV cable to get regular cable so I wouldn’t be able to watch TV until next weekend.

8. Almost all of my other friends are going home and I didn’t want to be at college all alone.

The real reason why I’m coming home is… My little sister is attending Mr. and Miss LHS and she wanted me to help her with her makeup and getting dressed! 🙂

Winter? Only once a week in the Panhandle

I got back to Texas 9 days ago. Within those nine days it has been anywhere between 72 and 18 degrees outside. Today, my first day back to school, the high is supposed to be 38. In WA, January is gray, rainy and between 30 and 45 degrees. Texas, you need to work on wintertime. I don’t need snow, but I would like to NOT be able to walk outside in a t-shirt and shorts and feel warm.

I do appreciate all the sun. In Seattle November-March the sky is gray, and it is ALWAYS raining. But not always the same. If you have ever watched the weather for Seattle you would notice the many different rain verbs. Drizzle, spitting rain, light mist, down pour, plain rain etc. Hey, you work with what you have.

17 things you need to know!

When you move into the dorms, there are things you need, no… there are things that you HAVE to know.

1. They are serious when they say don’t bring too much. You room will shrink.

2. Having a cute room is definitely important but you don’t need 5 decorative pillows. 2 or 3 will suffice.

3. Vacuum AT LEAST once a week. If you’re a girl, your hair will shed and as the semester goes, you will find large wads of hair all over your room. Gross.

4. Don’t bring every t-shirt you own. You will only wear like 17 of them, not all 59.

5. Wash your sheets often. Hello, it’s called gross germs.

6. It wouldn’t hurt to dust over your belongings. Dust bunnies will quickly take over.

7. Hang up your “fancy clothes”. You can easily avoid ironing.

8. Chairs are made for sitting in, not for holding clothes.

9. Take your keys everywhere you go. You never know when your roommate will lock the door. It also helps to avoid having to walk up numerous flights of stairs back to your room to retrieve them.


11. Don’t wait till you’re wearing your last pair of jeans and your last shirt before you decide to wash clothes. Chances are, there’s a reason why they are the last shirt and last pair of jeans left.

12. Try to look like you’ve not rolled out of bed and ran to class. You never know when a cute girl or guy is in class. 🙂

13. Decorate your room. You don’t want to feel like your in an asylum or prison with white walls.

14. Don’t forget your phone charger at home. It will utterly kill your social life.

15. Eat in the caf. You might as well as use the 43 billion meals that you have already paid for.

16. Check your mail. You never know when there is a letter waiting for you.

17. Make new friends. 🙂

Spring Semester 2011. Its go time baby!

Second semester of grad school. This is where the separate the graduate students from the wannabees.

Friendship Christmas

Jessica Prisk, Lindsey Beth Beedy, Blanca Suarez, Makenzie Schwertner, Kaylie Nutt, Abigail Grace Miller, Evan Johnson & Hallie Bertrand

Growing up, my friends and I have had a “Friendship Christmas” party every year to celebrate Christmas together and exchange gifts as well as a white elephant ornament exchange. Since we all have graduated and gone off to college, we have not been able to hang out all together. So, to find one night when we almost all of us could get together and hang out was a miracle and a blessing. 🙂

For the 11th annual Friendship Christmas, “the gang” met at Tokyo’s, which is a Japanese Steak House restaurant where the cooks cook in front of you on huge stove tops, followed by a nice cup of coffee at Broadway Brew, which is a cozy coffee shop in downtown Plainview, Texas.

Having a get together with friends from high school was not only fun and long over due, but was it was great to hang out with the friends that I grew up with. 🙂

2011, a year of, what?

This is what I am calling my “in-between year”. I don’t graduate this year or get married (both happening in 2012), I won’t be moving to a new state, or starting a new job/school. So what? I will be working on graduating, planning a wedding, wondering why I chose to go to grad school and plan a wedding at the same time, I will be moving to Canyon during the summer, I will be finding a job over the summer.

I did just turn 24 however (Jan 3) which means this is my last year before I am what I would consider an adult. 25 for me is the cutoff. At 25 you are 1/4 of a decade, or the even more shocking one.. Halfway to 50. YIKES. I will be graduating at 25 and getting married. Two HUGE things. Gah. That freaks me out a little. So, 2011, you will be my enjoyment year. Be glad you aren’t actually done with school, you don’t have a real-person job, you aren’t getting married and you still can drink till 2 and sleep till noon.