Dead Day

Hello fellow college students, as well as future ones! 🙂

For those who have yet to grace WT with your awesomeness, you may not be familiar with “Dead Day”. For those who currently are gracing WT with our awesomeness, we are VERY aware of what Dead Day is and what it means.

What is Dead Day?

Well… I tried to find a super awesome definition on Urban Dictionary and to my dismay, there were no such terms. Disappointment. So, using the brain power that I have left from my very first grueling semester at college, I tried to come up with my own personal definition. Here it is: Dead Day is a magical day in which there is absolutely NO MORE CLASS!! However, there are finals… So, Dead Day is a day in which students can relax or study…. depending on how bad or good your grades are.

As the semester is winding down, at warp speed I might add, have a happy Dead Day! Go have an Halo Reach tournament… take a swim… or have a Twilight marathon with your best friends (which is what I’ll be doing!!) Pretty much, do whatever floats your boat!

The End. 🙂

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