Season of Giving

On my typical Tuesday, I was done with classes around noon, which is the best feeling ever by the way. Well I didn’t have much to do that day, so when I was just hanging out in the JBK my friend and fraternity brother Hagen called me and asked me to help him move, I said ‘yes’ and although it took a while and used a lot of my gas, it was worth it, cause we all know it IS tis’ the season! But on Tuesday night we did the usual Kappa Alpha helping hand at the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project. Needless to say they weren’t short on help that day which was good because it gave the brothers and I time to organize supply closets for Eveline, but just starting to think of delivery day when we get to give the gifts to the families and see the  looks on their faces… it will be more than worth all the hard work. But how ’bout them finals coming up?? Yeah, I thought so… Until next time!

Picture of Eveline Rivers though

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