The Holidays

I love this time of year. I always have, and even though I am in Texas where there are almost no leaves, no crisp frozen smell in the air, and no crunch when I walk in the grass, I am still loving it.

This will be my first Thanksgiving without my parents or brother. I suppose this is the epitome of growing up. Spencer is in California, I in Texas and my rents back home in Washington. However, with this first without, there is a first with. Colin and I get our first Thanksgiving together. We are driving to Dallas for a few days to spend hours stuffing ourselves with my cousin, his wife and little boy, and his in-laws. (Ok, we are not stuffing ourselves WITH the people, but next to them. My antecedents in this sentence came out all wrong.) I am thrilled. Mostly because I don’t have to cook, but also because I haven’t spent much time with my cousin, and it would be weird not to be with some family on Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to be home! This is where my words of wisdom for incoming freshman emerge. Nothing is better than being away from home for weeks (or months for me) and walking in your front door/garage door/backdoor/whatever to the smells, warmth and sounds that a home brings. I swear to you, leaving home and then returning does AMAZING things for your emotional ties with where you come from.

I want my freshly made bed, brightly lit bathroom, incredibly comfortable couch, horrible joke-filled brother and doting mother so bad I can taste it. Home-cooked meals wouldn’t be bad either 🙂


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