Extra Credit. Extra Credit. Extra Credit.

This Thursday night my history teacher for 1301 offered extra credit to her students if they attend a history lecture called, “Remnant Trust Exhibit Special Lecture: “Documenting Dignity and Freedom”” It talked about the magna carta, federalist papers, emancipation proclamation, and few other historic documents. It was pretty interesting because it related to the topics I was learning about in class, even though I was mainly there for the extra credit. But what I want to stress most to y’all is, no matter how good you are doing in your class, if there is extra credit, TAKE IT! All it can do is help. And earlier this week I went to a pot luck dinner when a priest described his mission trip in the congo. He had a slide show and everything, it was quite moving, because as living in America, we do not realize how good we have it compared to the other countries in this world. But as of now, remember: Extra Credit, and GO BUFFS!

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