I was told that the people I will be friends with forever I would meet in college. I was told I would find my husband in college, and that I would find myself. I am sure each of you have been told that by someone before, and either rolled your eyes, or let your heart bounce at the thought of something so life-changing.
All those people were right. However, they neglected to tell me that in doing all of these things, my heart would break.  Now, before you become saddened by my tale, let me explain.
Religion, sex, drinking, politics, picking your major, moving on your own, turning 21 etc. All of this happens in college. You have choices. You decide when to go to bed, when to study, if you want to get up on Sunday to go to church, if you are ready to give away your virginity, if you want to try the beer you are being offered. Each of these choices defines you, they shape who you are going to become. This is not to say that if you drink once, you are going to become and alcoholic, rather, it is saying that YOU made the choice, and this choice reflects something on you.
I want you to know how crucial college is, how lucky you are to be here, and how important it is to do stupid things, to be friends with the girl who wears black all the time, to take the philosophy class even though you swear you want to be an accounting major and to stay up all night writing a paper because you were too busy last weekend playing flashlight tag on campus. I want you to know how much these 4 years will change you. How the people you be-friended will leave, will stay, will die, will change, will be part of you forever.
I met my fiance in college. I found my love of writing in college. I realized how important my freedom of speech is in college. I found out god did not exist in college. (do not argue, this is ME, not YOU) I became a better daughter in college. I became Allison in college.
Enjoy! Spend all night making out with a cute boy/girl. Move into an apartment with 3 other girls and one bathroom, change majors, forget to call home, remember to go to church. Learn who you are without your parents. Embrace feeling uncomfortable. From the bottom of my heart, college has been the best time of my life, promise to make it the same for yourself.

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