Monday night madness

Well tonight in the Fine Arts Complex at WT, there was a “concert” called, One Sessions at The Live Lounge (AKA at the AT&T High Definition Studio) It was hosted buy WT’s Radio Station “The one 91.1 KWTS”. It had an amazing lineup and it consisted of three bands from the panhandle area, it had Tori Vasquez, Joel Vaughan, and Archimedes, Watch out! . Each artist had something very different to bring to the stage tonight, and I would explain more, but it would take up this whole post. But this week is going to be a busy one folks, but it’s important for us college students to be involved and having a hefty workload, because let’s face it, we have too much free time as it is, so let’s try and use it productively. But anyways, this last weekend was a blast, with Kappa Alpha’s fall formal, and the Viking’s finally getting a win, besides the fact the Buffs lost to ACU. But theres always the Division 2 playoffs! So remember do your homework, eat your veggies and get involved. Talk to y’all later!

But here is a picture of Joel Vaughan preforming at the Live Lounge tonight

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