A Weekend for Us All

As my weekend draws to a close, and another tissue gets blown into and then thrown into my garbage bag of nose-candy, I reflect on what the weekend means to each individual on their own path towards post-high school education.

The Freshman: For those of you at WT I would think this is when you go to the gym, have dorm-dance parties, stay up late watching Netflix instant movies and even doing homework. Most of you probably attend some kind of worship ceremony on Sunday as well. I never did that as a freshman so I refer back to my previous sentence.

The Sophomore: You have learned that weekends are for catching up on the sleep you missed, going back home to have your mother do your laundry and cook you dinner, and also to stay up late going to dine at Ihop with your friends. You go to bed between 3-6am and wake up between 12-2 pm.

The Junior: You are now able to move off campus so your weekends are spent drinking, being hung-over, and curing your hang-over by drinking more. Your Sunday is spent cleaning up the mess you made over the weekend and staying up late finishing all the homework you didn’t do. Aderall becomes your Sunday drug of choice that you get from your ADD friends you met during your Saturday night party.

The Senior: There are two of you. The “I don’t give a shit about school anymore” and the “Holy shit I am graduating and need to finish my thesis/experiment/project/etc.” You spend your weekends either drinking, or spending the night in the library. Either way, you don’t get much sleep.

The Graduate Student: Your weekends are spent wondering what happened to your weekends. You thought this was catch up time, even though you spend all day Saturday catching up. You realize that in order to finish everything you need to do by the end of the semester you will either need to add 7 more hours to each day, or only sleep 3-5 hours per night. Since neither seem possible, you end up stressing yourself out to the point of making yourself sick. So instead of a catch up weekend, you have a lay in bed all day drinking juice and crunching DayQuil weekend where you slightly remember writing 1/4 of your final paper and have dreams that involve zombies and wedding cake. You wake up Sunday with a headache, a slight fever and the horrible realization that you will most likely be sick for an entire week; the same week you are supposed to present, finish your paper, and teach extra classes for other faculty.


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