Roommate Roulette

Close your eyes and just picture a box of chocolates. Every piece of candy is different, having it’s own special quirk, making it unique. If you are not an expert on deciphering what flavor each piece is, my personal favorite way of finding out what each piece of chocolate is, is by squishing each piece to see what is on the insides. For others, just simply reaching in the box and picking out a piece is part of the fun and adventure.

Okay, you can open your eyes now. One of the biggest fears, or excitement, for students is living in the dorms. Some students room with their friends and others take the option of pot luck. For those who don’t know, pot luck is the random selection of placing students with other students to live together in the dorms.

Pot luck roommates are like a game of roulette or like randomly dipping your hand into a box of chocolate and pulling out a piece of candy. Like the different pieces of chocolate, there are plain roommates that are more into staying in their room rather than the “funner” things about college. There are nutty roommates who are silly and unique as well as their tastes in life. Then there are the roommates that become your best friend and those are the best. However, like roommates are all people, each piece of chocolate is candy. Each person/roommate is special like each piece of candy is yummy. 🙂

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” -Proverbs 18:24

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