Hello first post!

Last night, I was invited to accompany my grandparents to a Election day watch party for Congressman Mac Thornberry, Senator Kel Seliger, and State Representative Four Price. Now I’m not here to sway anyones political views or anything like that, but being 18 years old and meeting three very respected politicians is a huge honor and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given last night. I was also pretty cool having one of them tell my grandmother they were surprised  for how “polished” I am for an 18 year old. Either way it was a great night because I got to meet amazing new people. So after the watch party, I stopped by KA “big brother’s” apartment to see how he was feeling (he’s sick right now) and to talk about my night. After all this i finally got back to my dorm around 11:00 p.m. and fell right to sleep.

I woke up on this wednesday to it being very brisk (coldest winter in Dallas is usually in the 40’s). Went to my classes. But on my way back to my dorm the wind was CRAZY. Then decided to do some research on starting a new campus organization. As for the rest of my day… I’ll play that by ear, since I don’t have homework. Don’t you just love college??

But heres a picture of last night with Congressman Mac Thornberry and myself.

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