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I attend Hillside Church in Amarillo, there is one in Canyon and Dalhart too, but I strongly suggest attending! I am not sure what denomination the church falls under, but I grew up Baptist and still love the church and I know you will too!

Anyway, the message on Sunday was about stress.

Increase in voulnerbility + Decrease in Power = Stress

The key to avoiding stress is to be thankful and to appreciate the little things because IT WILL BE OKAY.

In honor of that message I am going to point out to you some of my favorite things that ususally go unnoticed…

1. When you think your out of Candy (or your favorite thing), but then find one more package!

2. Catching up to the car that just passed you at the red light

3. That one house on your street that gets really REALLY into Christmas or other holidays

4. When a stranger laughs at a joke between you and your friends.

5. When all of your homework is due on the same day and you don’t know how you will get through it, then all the sudden ALL of the deadlines are pushed back.

6. Eating the first freshly baked cookie from the oven even though its way to hot.

7. When someones leaving the bathroom at the same time as you so you don’t have to touch the door.

8. Being sloppy in a hotel room.

9. When your computer magically saves or restores the document you forgot to save before your computer died.

10. When you have just enough coffee grounds to make ONE last cup.

A long weekend in Canyon, America…

I noticed this weekend as I FaceBook creeped all of my peers from WT, most of us refer to Canyon, Texas as “Canyon, America”.  I was curious as to why people call it that and I think it may be because the fact that when you want to do anything…it feels like a totally different country when you go to Amarillo or Lubbock.  Canyon is awfully nice…if you want to have a calm, cool and collected weekend like I usually do.  I spent the weekend at work, doing laundry and watching TV and movies all day and night Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  With the exception of a short trip to Lubbock for a high school playoff game.  Sometimes, being from the panhandle, I wonder why people choose to attend WT even AFTER visiting but I am learning more and more as I mature that being in a calm agriculturally dominant town isn’t so bad.  I really like being around all these nice people, nice roads and nice…cows in Canyon, America.


Just got out of a peer leader meeting here in the Classroom Center on campus.  Always love meeting with my dysfunctional “family”.  We talked about the retention rate here at school.  I never thought about how many people I remember seeing here last year and how many of them are or aren’t here right now.  It’s amazing to me how you can start such an amazing experience here or at any school but, for any reason at all, have to cut it short.  I know that when I got to school, I was not going to stop no matter where I was and I still know I am not going to.  I really enjoy my time here at WT more and more with all the organizations I am involved with and I spend most of my time sitting in front of a power point presentation learning something I am supposed to be doing soon.  That is what constitutes a “meeting” for me.  Usually with 20-40 people surrounding me and all chattering amongst themselves.  Me?  Intently listening.  Smiling face, bag at my waist…

Extra Credit. Extra Credit. Extra Credit.

This Thursday night my history teacher for 1301 offered extra credit to her students if they attend a history lecture called, “Remnant Trust Exhibit Special Lecture: “Documenting Dignity and Freedom”” It talked about the magna carta, federalist papers, emancipation proclamation, and few other historic documents. It was pretty interesting because it related to the topics I was learning about in class, even though I was mainly there for the extra credit. But what I want to stress most to y’all is, no matter how good you are doing in your class, if there is extra credit, TAKE IT! All it can do is help. And earlier this week I went to a pot luck dinner when a priest described his mission trip in the congo. He had a slide show and everything, it was quite moving, because as living in America, we do not realize how good we have it compared to the other countries in this world. But as of now, remember: Extra Credit, and GO BUFFS!


I was told that the people I will be friends with forever I would meet in college. I was told I would find my husband in college, and that I would find myself. I am sure each of you have been told that by someone before, and either rolled your eyes, or let your heart bounce at the thought of something so life-changing.
All those people were right. However, they neglected to tell me that in doing all of these things, my heart would break.  Now, before you become saddened by my tale, let me explain.
Religion, sex, drinking, politics, picking your major, moving on your own, turning 21 etc. All of this happens in college. You have choices. You decide when to go to bed, when to study, if you want to get up on Sunday to go to church, if you are ready to give away your virginity, if you want to try the beer you are being offered. Each of these choices defines you, they shape who you are going to become. This is not to say that if you drink once, you are going to become and alcoholic, rather, it is saying that YOU made the choice, and this choice reflects something on you.
I want you to know how crucial college is, how lucky you are to be here, and how important it is to do stupid things, to be friends with the girl who wears black all the time, to take the philosophy class even though you swear you want to be an accounting major and to stay up all night writing a paper because you were too busy last weekend playing flashlight tag on campus. I want you to know how much these 4 years will change you. How the people you be-friended will leave, will stay, will die, will change, will be part of you forever.
I met my fiance in college. I found my love of writing in college. I realized how important my freedom of speech is in college. I found out god did not exist in college. (do not argue, this is ME, not YOU) I became a better daughter in college. I became Allison in college.
Enjoy! Spend all night making out with a cute boy/girl. Move into an apartment with 3 other girls and one bathroom, change majors, forget to call home, remember to go to church. Learn who you are without your parents. Embrace feeling uncomfortable. From the bottom of my heart, college has been the best time of my life, promise to make it the same for yourself.


It is that time of the semester. You know, the time when reminding yourself to breathe becomes necessary.

In a meeting a co-worker of mine and fellow student said,

“…with that news I have moved from the suicide part of Monday…to the murder part of Monday.”

I find it really funny, but maybe you had to be there…

Okay, I’m done whining.

Wait, I do have a word of advice.

Work on one thing at a time, and FORGET everything else you need to do. If you work on things on certain days at specific times and forget them the rest of the week, It will no longer feel like the world is crashing down on you.

Potter Palooza

So you’re walking to class. You look up and you see Harry Potter walking ahead of you. You’re thinking… “Since when did he quit going to Hogwarts?” Then reality hits…

No, Harry Potter doesn’t attend WT. And not to mention, you’re a nerd. Sad, I know. However, its approximately 12 hours till the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The more devoted fans and avid readers of the series are hosting parties and encompassing their inner Gryffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw.

If you think about it, you could act as the sorting hat and walk around campus, mentally sorting other students into what houses you think they would most fit in. The brave would belong to Gryffindor. The dark, “pure-bloods” would belong to Slytherin. The hard workers would belong to Hufflepuff. The smart and wittiest would belong to Ravenclaw. It could turn out to be very interesting…

So, don’t be surprised if you see a pair of circle-rimmed glasses, a lightning scar on someone’s forehead, a wand, or some evil- looking person wearing long, dark capes that could be mistaken for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…