Today is Halloween. As a 23 year old what does that look like?

9:00am. Awoken to Colin calling.

9:15 Decided to finally pee. After said pee, go downstairs

9:20 Sitting down eating blueberry pancakes that my aunt made.

11:30. Finally getting up from chair to clean plate, grab a Diet Sierra Mist (I don’t know about the pop, ok? I am staying at my aunt and uncles this weekend in Colorado and that is what they drink) and then sit back down to talk with my aunt about growing up with my mother.

12:05pm. Shower. I only do this because I need to do whites for my laundry and I am wearing white almost everything.

1:00 Make sandwhich.

1:03 Eat sandwhich.

2:00 Grab homework from bedroom

2:30 Actually do some homework (notice the 30 minutes between grabbing and starting? motivation people, it is key)

At the present: (3:30) watching football, writing this blog, thinking of grabbing some more food

Will there be dressing up at all today? No. Will there be a nap? Probably. My aunt and uncle live in Blackforest, CO. This means their nearest neighbor is about .5 miles away. Will there be trick-or-treaters? Most likely not, and if they do come, it will be by car.

Just wait you young kiddies, its not as fun as it used to be the older you get. And trust me, your body won’t be able to handle the up till 4 drinking in what was once a Snow White costume, but now resembles a slightly slutty clown suit. And the hang-overs? They get worse, not better.

Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat, I’m too old and want to sleep.


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