Its go time, people.

As this is my first post, I thought it would be appropriate to begin my journey via Buffology by talking about studying, and the importance of it.

As this is MIDTERM time here at WT (doesn’t that word, “midterm” make your skin crawl with pain as you watch your next 6 weeks of life pass you by due to your lack of doing anything academic? No? Well, it does mine. Maybe its just graduate school that does this, rather than the word “midterm”) student’s are busy studying away during all of their extra time; buying large amounts of their preferred caffeinated beverage.  Oh and fall, where the (5) leaves in the Panhandle drift ever so delicately to the perfectly mowed, perfectly watered grass. (Why are they still watering the grass? Its mid-October. Save some water for the other 6 billion people on the Earth)
Just kidding.
Its midterms here at WT which means student are starting to freak out about their lack-luster grades; questioning their professors as to why they have a C- rather than the A they swear they had. This awareness of their grades is checked at the door as they leave their classroom only to return the next time they log-in to WTClass. The weather is changing so house parties are being brought inside in the hopes that the beer-pong tables don’t ruin the carpet/hard-wood/linoleum floors that their owners will inevitably pay for at the end of their leases.

As for grad students, our research papers are beginning to weight heavily on us, mostly because our professors have begun to tell us that we should be writing them already. (Has anyone even started theirs?)

I actually went INTO the library today to get research for me to research on my research paper. I love libraries, and WT is no exception. (NERD ALERT) The ambiance in a library is one of solitute, academia, and a slight hint-of the caffeine overloaded, not showered in days kid in the back corner who you swear is twitching as he types his paper. I do my best work in a library; that my friends, is the honest truth.

Ohhh Midterms, how we loathe thee.


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