Rez Week

My freshman year I remember hearing the words Rez week, and wondering are people here allowed to say that?  Coming here from Montana Rez was a termed used to refer to the Indian Reservations, and not in a positive sense.  After getting used to hearing the word Rez in a positive sense, abbreviation for resurrection I am able to enjoy the week leading up to Easter (Rez Week).

                Rez weeks is one of my favorite times of the year, because we are reminded of the resurrection all during the week.  It is also nice to see different Christian organizations on campus come together to help for a common goal.  Last year Rez week ended with a rally that included worship, and the opportunity to hear from different leaders from each organization.  Every day a different organization sponsors a free lunch in the JBK.  Monday’s lunch was sponsored by Buffs for Christ, Tuesday the Wesley, and Thursday the BSM. 

                This year, WT’s own Abbey Jo Martinkus, created a mural in which students could write a note saying what they thought of God’s love.  The theme for this year was Greater Love, describing that there is no greater love than to die for someone else.  This is the whole story of Easter and the Resurrection, that Christ would give His life in order for us to live.

                I hope everyone was able to get out and be a part of the activities, and enjoy what each organization is doing on campus.  Along with that, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Easter.  I hope Rez week allowed for us to remember the Great Love, and the true meaning of Easter. 





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