From Sea to Shining Snow

For Spring Break this year I participated in a mission trip to South Padre Island called “Beach Reach.” It was actually started in 1980 by a professor here at W.T. named Buddy Young, a rather infamous Baptist Minister in charge of the Baptist Student Ministry here on Campus. This was the 30th spring break for Beach Reach, and my second excursion to the South.

And quite a Spring Break it was.
I wish I could sum it up in full, but just for a general idea, about 500 college students from across the nation, including about 150 from the Panhandle of Texas (students of W.T. and Amarillo College) load up and head to South Padre Island to give free van rides and breakfast to party-goers. It was an incredible oppertunity to serve the Spring Breakers, and to really live out the love that Christians always talk about having.
In addition to getting to know people from across the country, and serve along-side my peers from West Texas, I also got a remarkable tan.

It was actually sort of strange to come home to Canyon.

Friday March 2oth I was standing knee deep in the Gulf of Mexico, waves crashing into the middle of me. I could taste the salt of the ocean, and feel the sun coat my back and arms like a soft, fleece snuggie. My hair was pulled back, and my tank top left a white shadow of itself, pefectly outlined by the South Padre sun.

Friday March 27th, I was diving off of back-yard fences into eight foot snow drifts, digging tunnels like a snow-gopher, and sliding down snow hills on cardboard boxes bundled beneath layers and layers of long johns, thermal tees and ski jackets.

A freak-post-spring-break blizzard engulfed my college town this weekend, and we were delightfully suprised with a campus-shut-down snow day.

I managed to gather 15 of my closest friends by noon and we were all carrying cardboard make-shift sleds to the hill behind Walmart.  I do say this though, my tan was even more remarkable against the fluffy white powder backdrop.

It was quite literally one of the greatest weekends of my life.

My friends and I were all excused from our obligations due to the snow, and we got to play for seven plus hours making snow tunnels, summer saulting, sliding on ice patches, assulting cars, peers and strangers with snowballs, going on long walks, making snow-ice-cream, snow-men, and snow-angels outside of Old Main. We plummetted down the hill behind Walmart on our cardboard sleds, attempted two-man summer salts, made s’mores on a chimineah and watched the snow coat everything and everyone well into the ungodly early hours of Saturday morning.

It was absolutely majestic.
I’m blown away by God’s creation.
To go from holding my breath and being tossed about by the strength of ocean waves, to being overtaken by icy-chills on a midnight walk through the feilds of perfect white snow can only be attributed to how Great a Creator I live to serve.

It was epic.
Just how epic? Perhaps the photos below will help explain…

Here is me and some other ladies from WT being pretty on the beach. (If this picture doesn’t get us husbands, I don’t know what will.)

some WT girls at the beach

This was on the hill behind Walmart, shortly after “Hungry” John and I attempted a two-person summersalt. I’m in the green and blue boots. My head is being squished.


From Sea to Snow, my buddies at West Texas A&M are for sure the best around.
Here’s to living the dream with ya’ll.


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